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The Coral ZOXBOX About The world is filled with so much natural beauty. From the rainforest to the ocean, you can find amazing creatures of all shapes, colors and sizes. Doing 8 Straps all based on the same theme is amazing; it gives us the chance to print off beautiful pieces of art that are all closely related, yet completely different. The idea for a Coral ZOXBOX came when visiting the Shedd Aquarium; we had just released the Poison Dart Frog ZOXBOX and life was good. While walking around I was seriously stunned by the different types of coral and how colorful they were. I got home and started researching, quickly realizing that this had potential to be our next ZOXBOX. The next day I called Jason and we began to create what you now see today. We looked through dozens of species of coral to find the 8 most beautiful in the world. Only 200 sets of these Straps will ever be made. Outside Design Starburst coral. Inside Design Pink with a dark pink + pattern and black "Starburst.' typography. Rarity 9/10 Artist Brandon Kuipers