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Due to the holiday season being upon us and the overwhelming amount of support, we are now looking at a processing time of closer to an average 7-10 business days(Monday-Friday) for an order to be processed and picked up by the courier. 

Please keep this in mind when ordering to make sure there are no surprises on how long it takes to be dropped off with the courier.

We have recently introduced a kids size option to a few of our newest items. The kids sizes are the same ratio as our normal ZOX just shrunk down slighty. The sizing on them is 20mm wide by 145mm in length.

Birthday Straps are exclusively reserved for customers who are VIP, VIP+, or Subscribers. If you are a Zoxer, you will not have access to our Cake designs even if you are in our VIP Facebook Group. Along with that, you must register your birthday with us on our Rewards pagehere. You will need to be logged in, then scroll to the bottom, you'll see a button that says earn rewards, click that, and then the birthday reward will on that page. If you don’t register your birthday at least 14 days before your birthday, you will have to wait until next year to get your Cake Strap.

Congratulations on collecting an entire Mystery Pack mini-collection! To redeem your Moonstone you'll need to send the collector cards to us.

Please make sure to fill out this form before sending them in:

There are only 200 of each Moonstone, if the one you're trying to redeem is out of stock, we're sorry but that means you will be unable to receive it.

Please give us a few business days after receiving your collector cards to have your Moonstone sent out. It takes quite a bit of time to prep everything and have an order sent out. 

To have a referral work you must follow all the guidelines:

Cannot have the same or similar email address.

Cannot have the same IP address.

Cannot have the same browser cookie data.

Cannot have the same name.

Cannot have been previously rejected due to above reasons.

The person being referred must have at least $30 worth of product in their cart before the discount can be applied. You cannot have any sort of subscription in your cart.

Please note, there unfortunately is no way to give you a referral after the fact if they did not use your code and there are no exceptions.

We understand this sounds difficult. It's actually very simple, we have it set up to not allow referrals to yourself or your household due to issues in the past. 

Three attempts to refer someone who does not follow the guidelines will cause your email and IP address to no longer be able to use our referral program.

We do everything we can to get orders shipped out as soon as they come in, which is usually 1-2 business day but may take 3-4 if we have a large influx of orders. 

To keep our Straps affordable we ship all US orders of $35 or more absolutely free via DHL eCommerce. This means orders being shipped within the United States are typically delivered within 3-4 days but have been known to take up to 10 days on very rare occasions. 

Sometimes issues arise and we're so very sorry about that. If you placed an order and you're missing some of the contents or you received a different product then what you ordered, contact us using the form below. For us to be able to help as efficiently as possible, please send us details such as an order number, a photo of what you received, and information on what you are missing/what you received instead of something you ordered.

As weird as it sounds, most of the time when we get this question it's usually because someone in your house took it and forgot to tell you, that, or it may be with your neighbors. That being said, we'd recommend checking with them first. 

If this happens to you and it's not with your neighbors or anyone with access to your mail, please contact your local post office. They have GPS tracking for exactly where the package was scanned as delivered, so it will make it much easier to track down. 

Please keep in mind that once we pass a package on to USPS, we no longer have any control over what happens to it, so for all delivery issues, you'll need to contact your local post office to get more info before we'll be able to do anything to help. 

We have recently begun the process of adding in the golden tickets to the new releases. Please note, if you do not receive a golden ticket with a gold stitched strap, we did not forget it and there was not any sort of mistake on our end. It is a process that we are working on and eventually all new gold stitched straps will have tickets but at this point in time they will continue to be sprinkled in here and there as we have many designs left to release that we came up with prior to the golden tickets.

Account Information

This all depends on how busy we are. We prioritize emails from customers with questions that aren't answered in the FAQ, so if you haven't received a response, hopefully you'll be able to find an answer somewhere here. 

Also, it's important to keep in mind that our system is set to show oldest tickets first. If you email in while waiting to follow up, your ticket will be marked as brand new and won't show as close to the top as it would have.

We respond to emails Monday-Friday, so if you email in on Friday night, the soonest you'll receive a response is Monday, but it typically takes 1-3 business days for us to respond to everyone depending on our workload, but we're working hard to expand our team to cut response time down. 

That’s not good! Our releases are all sent out through email, so it’s important to get that sorted out. Typically, we’ve found that this issue is caused by emails going to your spam folder. If that’s not the case, your email may have bounced from your email provider. This usually happens when your inbox is full, your email provider was down, or the message was too large for your inbox. Before reaching out, please check to make sure messages are not in your spam and that you have sufficient space in your inbox for our messages. If you still don’t receive emails, feel free to reach out and we’ll see what we can do to help.

If you have lost or forgotten your password, don't worry, it's very easy to fix. All you will need to do is go here and click the 'Forgot Password' link. That should bring you to a page to enter your email and then we will shoot you over a message to set up a new password to log in.


If you have tried the above step and had an error saying you do not have an account. That would mean that you did not create an account prior to ordering or after you ordered. That is very easy to fix as well, to create an account with any previous order history you will need to click here.

Make certain you use the same email address that you initially used for your order and it should sync correctly for you and have your points automatically added in.

This is done during check out, if you need to update your payment information/method. Please be sure to change it during check out and save it for the future as this should help you check out faster.

**This will not update your subscription information and will need to be done so under 'Manage Subscriptions'.

This is a very simple process to do. You will need log into your account, click 'My Account', click 'View Addresses', then 'Add a new address', and when you fill it out make sure to click the box to set it as your new default.


**This will not update any active subscription addresses and you will need to do that under 'Manage Subscriptions'.

If you have an idea for a ZOX design, please join ZOX Idea Factory and post it in there. 

We have a ton of amazing artists who are always looking for new ideas. You can even work with them to help make it exactly what you have envisioned. 

Order Information

I'm so sorry to hear that you have an issue with your order. If you reach out to us quickly enough via email we should hopefully be able to help in time.

When an order is placed with the wrong quantity, size, or product we will sadly have to issue you a full refund and cancel the entire order. The reason for this is our system will not allow for us to swap out items once the order has been placed and paid for, meaning we sadly cannot add or subtract items without a new order being put into the system.

If you need to cancel an order:

We're so sorry to hear that you need to cancel your order with us. You sadly are not able to cancel your order on your end so you will need to click the 'Submit request' us as soon as possible with your name and order number.

We are not able to guarantee that we can cancel an order before it ships due to the high volume of messages we receive and the high number of orders that we are sending out every day.

If you request to cancel an order and it's already been shipped, you will need to create a return here.

If you're curious why an order has been cancelled: 

When an order is cancelled it is typically because of our system has flagged it as fraud.

We understand your order may have not been fraudulent and we're sorry about that.

The reasons typically behind orders being flagged is due to the billing address not matching the card on file, the order being placed from another country than where it's being shipped, or your financial institution declining the charge.

We're so sorry to hear that you're needing to start the return process with us. We've done our very best to make it as easy as possible. All you need to do is click here, fill in your information and the reason that you're creating the return. From there, if your return is accepted, it should only take a few business days at most to hear back from us with instructions on how to return it.

For our return policy, please click here.

Oh no, we're so sorry to hear that! We actually have a Happiness Guarantee on your very first order. Here's how that works:

If this is your first time ordering and you're not happy with the quality, fit, or overall look of your first ZOX, please pass it along to a friend and we'll give you a full refund on it. If you have additional unworn Straps, Imperials or Strings you'd like to return within 15 days of purchase, you can fill out the return form at the bottom of this page and we'll get you taken care of right away.

Happiness Guarantee cannot be used when your initial purchase was used in conjuction with our Share the Love program. Happiness Guarantee does not cover slow shipping times to foreign countries. If you are unhappy with the ship time, you can pay to return your Straps and the refund will be processed as soon as we receive your return. 


Please note that we will only refund you for one item, if you are unhappy with more than one, you will need you to create a return.

If your address is incorrect, please let us know as soon as possible. We are not always able to update an address due to how quickly we try to ship orders out but we will do our very best to assist you.

We're always more than happy to help assist with any questions or problems that come up. However, we do need to set up a timeframe for certain things to determine when we're no longer able to assist.

In this case, when an order is marked as delivered for over 30 days and no emails are sent prior about it not showing up, we sadly cannot offer to issue a refund or reship the order. We believe that 30 days is ample time to reach out if you have run into any issues of it not being delivered. 

Unfortunately when an order is over 90 days old, our system is then no longer able to issue a refund. If there are any issues that exceed that timeframe such as orders not being delivered, damaged items, etc we will not be able to issue a refund but will instead need to issue you a store credit for your the initial amount that was paid.

Product Information

Anytime you do not have the ability to select a size and a size is not shown on the product page, it would automatically be a medium.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

We have a super simple and easy to follow release schedule. We'll break it down for you below so you never have any confusion as to when a new release happens. 


Our release days are every Tuesday and Thursday with the exception of holidays.


Tuesdays change every other week. One week it'll be an artist collab then the next week it'll be a Secret Stash release which is exclusively available for members of one of our subscriptions.

Tuesday releases are at 11:00am PT and will be found either in the Secret Stash or on the main shop page depending on what week it is.


Thursdays are general releases meaning you don't have to have a subscription to have access to the items(but if you have a subscription, you'll have early access.).

The releases will be able to be found in the Secret Stash at 11:00am PT on Thursdays and from there it will then move over to the main shop page at 1:00PM PT.


We do send out emails for each release and they are set to send out right when the release goes live for that day.

Please do not email asking when a specific product or design will be releasing. If you do, we will not be able to give you an answer. The schedule is always updating and changing we'd hate to tell you one thing only to have it change.


- Made from buttery soft elastic

- Limited Edition

- Stretch To Fit

- Come with a numbers matching collectors card

- $10 Each

- 25mm Wide

- 160mm(Small), 173mm(Medium), or 190mm(Large) in diameter

  - Kids are 20mm wide and 145mm in length


- Made from premium String

- Comes in 175mm(Small), 195(Medium), and 210mm(Large) in diameter.

- 15mm Wide

- Come in matching collectors boxes



- Made from buttery soft elastic

- Limited Edition

- Stretch To Fit

- Come with a numbers matching collectors card

- $9 Each

- 15mm Wide

- 160mm(Small) or 173mm(Medium) or 190mm(large) in diameter

- Kids are 20mm wide and 145mm in length

If it's a Strap or single, there's a good chance the answer is never. Every Strap we make is limited edition, so once it's sold out, it's gone for good. However, there are rare occasions where a Strap sells out before we can put the finishing touches on all of the Straps that were made, so there is a very small chance you could get lucky there.

For Imperials, we'll be restocking those until further notice. If you see a notice on the product that shows it will not be restocked, then that design is gone for good. 

We're so sorry to hear that, we know the excitement that comes with waiting for a package in the mail and we want that experience to be flawless.

If your order was delivered damaged, please let us know, we'd love to help! It's not often items are defective from the start as we have been constantly improving our quality control year after year. However, we are all human and sometimes we miss things. Please shoot us over a message and we'll get it sorted for you as quickly as possible. 

I personally have a few straps that I've worn nonstop that have started to warp and no longer fit the way they're supposed to. Unfortunately when this happens, it would just be normal wear and tear as the elastic fibers have simply broken down over time and no longer have the same elasticity as they used to.


If your strap hasn't been worn much and is new, this part is for you.

We typically find that new straps will warp for a couple of different reasons.

1. The strap was wet and stretches out or dries while moving around too much causing the elastic to dry in an odd way which in turn causes certain areas to lose elasticity while other areas do not causing the warped shape.

2. Certain chemicals coming into contact with the elastic such as bug spray or sun spray can cause the elastic to warp. 

3. From time to time this will happen for no apparent reason due to defective elastic and that would fall under our warranty, please reach out to us with photos and we'd be happy to look into it for you.

We stand behind the quality of our products with a Limited Two Year Warranty. This is our guarantee that every ZOX product sold within the United States, Canada, and Mexico is free of production and material defects. This warranty is valid for two years, beginning on the date of purchase from

If you believe you have a defective ZOX product that was purchased from us within the last two years, please fill out the form below to set up a return authorization for inspection.

ZOX reserves the right to determine between defective product and normal wear-and-tear. We do not replace products that have been replaced from a previous defective claim or from normal wear-and-tear.

That being said, we're here for ya. We're still just three brothers trying to make sure you're happy. Message us using the 'Submit a request' button below if you ever have an issue and we'll do our very best to make it right. <3


**Normal wear and tear is not covered and each warranty claim is decided on a case by case basis.

Yep, they do! We've found latex ( an organic rubber) is the very best way to maintain the durability (and stretch) of our elastic Straps and singles. Though the latex is typically not visible (each strand of latex is encased in polyester), you may experience discomfort if you're allergic to latex. In that case, we'd recommend collecting Imperials which are latex-free.

You sure can! Zox are made of a special type of elastic that holds up very well in water; even after getting 'em wet the color will be super vibrant and awesome. Once in a while we see Straps that are in water non-stop get a little warped, as elastic tends to do over time, but unless you're a fish you probably have nothing to worry about. If you are a fish and have learned how to read, I'd love to hear from you! 🙂

Resizing an Imperial is incredibly easy to do and doesn't take long at all.

Here is a page you can print out to find the size that'll best fit you.

All you need is a little screwdriver and (potentially) a pair of scissors.


To make your Imperial larger: A little known fact is that you can technically make your Imperial slightly larger. All you need to do, is unscrew the aglets and then move them closer to the edge, as long as your screws can go into the fabric you shouldn't have any issues. By doing this you should be able to make it a tad larger which can make a huge difference in how comfortable it is for you.


To make your Imperial smaller: If you accidentally ordered the wrong size, or the small is too large on you, no need to worry. To make the Imperial smaller all you need to do is unscrew the aglets, measure out your wrist, figure out how much you will need to cut off of the Imperial, and then take a pair of scissors and carefully trim down the Imperial.

Tip: Make sure you cut evenly from both sides to help insure the name is still centered on the inside. Also, make sure to be careful how much you're cutting off. You don't want to cut too much off and have it be unwearable.

The same screwdrivers that are used for repairing glasses should be the perfect size for Imperials. They can often be found at dollar stores :) 

I'm so sorry but at this point in time we can not offer personal ZOX. We totally understand there are certain meanings or designs that you or loved ones are drawn to. Please be sure to check out our Shop page and you may just be able to find something similar to what you're looking for.

Rewards Information

Points expire one year after they were earned.

Any time you redeem points for a coupon, the oldest points will be used first.

There are two ways to redeem your points for rewards. The first and fastest way would be to use the points slider while you're checking out.

The second way would be to use this link. Once you click the link and have logged in, scroll to the bottom. Here you will find an area to receive coupon codes in exchange for points. We recommend writing down the code, but it is fine if you don't.  You can always go back to the link later and click 'Account' to show your points history. 

We reward all purchases under the same email address. If you create an account under the email you used to place your order, those points will be added to your account within 7 days. The amount of points added to your account for each order is dependant upon your tier.

ZOXER - 5 points per dollar spent.

VIP - 10 points per dollar spent.

VIP+ and Subscriber  - 15 points per dollar spent.

**Shipping cost and taxes do not go towards points.

If you applied your points during any stage of your checkout and then changed your mind and closed the page or backed out, all of the points you applied will be removed from your account. This is to make certain that nobody is able to essentially have unlimited points. Our system will recognize that the points were not used within a few days and they will then be automatically added back into your account for you. 

As a VIP, VIP+, or Subscriber tier Zoxer, you'll get access to our preferred pricing. Here's what that means for you:

$1 off Straps and Singles

$2 off Straps and Singles  when you buy 4+

$3 off Straps and Singles  when you buy 8+

$12 Imperials when you buy 3+

If you're having issues with your VIP discount not working, this is the article for you. From the emails we have seen, this issue is caused by a few specific things 99.9% of the time.

1. You already used the discount on a previous order so it's no longer able to be used.

2. If it was a discount for a specific item, you MUST have said item in your cart before hand. You will also need at least one other item in your cart.

3. You cannot discount subscriptions at all, any subscription in your cart will cause the code not to work.

4. You cannot use multiple discounts at the same time. 


We hope this helps! :) 

VIP Status is automatically granted once you have accumulated 1,000 points over the lifetime of your account. Points are earned by making purchases, referring ZOX to friends outside your household, reviewing your purchases, liking us on social media, and more. 


Please note, inactivity of a year will cause your points to expire and will also cause your tier to go back down to ZOXER.

Shipping Information

We've worked hard to find the best rates. We offer free shipping on all orders of wristbands of $35+ to nearly every country. If your order is less than that, it's a simple $3.49 fee.

Hoodies are only available in a limited number of countries. Most are free, but some are a $10 extra charge to help us cover our costs.

Duties may be due at the border for international shipments and are not covered in the purchase price our our products. 

If you selected 'Delivered Duties Paid' as your shipping method and are being charged a customs fee, please accept the package and send us an email at with an image of the customs receipt and we will refund you for any fees you were charged.

If you choose to go with our 'Free Shipping - Duties May Be Due At Border' option and are charged a fee by your countries customs office, you can opt to have the package sent back to us for a refund minus a $4 shipping fee to cover our costs to ship your order. 

We sure do! Silly as it may sound, I personally think tracking an order is half the fun! Who wouldn't want to keep tabs on their newly acquired Zox as they make the journey home? We make it super easy too: As soon as your order ships you’ll receive an email from us with a tracking number as well as follow up notifications about when it's out for delivery and confirmation once it's in your mailbox. 

Tracking on International orders is dependent on your countries mail courier and whether or not they decide to continue scanning in tracking. 

As soon as a label is printed off for an order, our system will automatically send an email out to you with a tracking link to keep an eye on your package and its whereabouts. That being said, it does not mean that your package has already been picked up, but only that it is ready to go and is waiting for the courier to scan it in. We do have packages being picked up Monday through Friday though sometimes it takes a little bit to be scanned in. Please give your package 1-2 business days to update and start showing in the tracking system.

Packages sent to the wrong address as user error will be resent once the package is returned for a shipping fee that'll be based on the requested shipping service or you can receive a refund of your order minus a $3 Wrong Address fee. 

We're so sorry to hear that your package hasn't updated in the last few days. We find that sometimes there may be an error with the tracking not updating correctly. If your tracking does not update for one full week or does not show up in that timeframe, please let us know.

We thank you for your patience and we're so sorry for the delay!

his FAQ is specific for orders being shipped to Mexico. 

We had initially offered free shipping but sadly we have had to remove that option and only allow the more efficient option that is a few dollars more expensive.

Transit times are on average 4-8 business days which is a major improvement from the countless number of emails we've received about lost orders or about orders taking over a month. 

Unfortunately we cannot make any exceptions and offer any other shipping services to Mexico at this time.

Subscription Information

This is incredibly important. When you update your address on your account, it does NOT update your subscription address.

If you need to update your address, make sure you do it for your subscription as well. You can do so by logging in, going to 'My Account', clicking 'Manage Subscriptions', and then from there, you can update your address.

In the scenario that the address hasn't been updated the package will ship to the address originally specified. We are not responsible for subscriptions that are not updated correctly and shipped out to an old address, after your order has been processed we can not make changes on our end. If this happens, we would highly recommend reaching out to your local post office or your old address to see about getting ahold of your package.

Here you will find a breakdown of each subscriptions price, when you will be charged, and what it includes.

Being apart of any of these will give you access to the Secret Stash.

Pearl Club - 1st of the month - $25 -  Pearls are monthly limited edition Straps that come packed along side a matching enamel pin in a special magnetic collectors box. They are only available via membership which is limited to just 1,000 people. Pearls are the only Straps with logos stitched in metallic pearl white.

String Club - 4th of the month(currently all subscriptions are paused) - $25 - Strings were created to be the interchangeable piece of our Imperial Hoodie collections. Using the same patent-pending magnetic clip as our Imperials, Strings allow you to change the look of your hoodie in seconds. Each String comes in an acrylic storage container with engraving on the side. Like Imperials, they're also numbered on the material itself - you'll find your String's serial number at the very center. The String Club provides you with two color-coordinated, unreleased Strings every month.

Imperial Club - 11th of the month(currently paused) - $25 - Made to be stackable on your wrist, this variation of the standard ZOX is unmatched in quality. These bands retain their reversibility like normal ZOX, but utilize our patent-pending magnetic clip system so you can connect multiple bands together with ease. Each one features a laser engraved serial number on the inside, as well as a matching magnetic box with the same serial number as well. Imperials do not stretch like our standard ZOX so they're made in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. A subscription to the Imperial Club gets you two unreleased Imperials every month.

Essential Club - 15th of the month - $15 - Essentials are just that - the most requested, most meaningful Straps we make that are great for sharing with everyone. The Essential Pack is also our best value for two straps (one to wear, one to share).

Mystery Club - Based on when you first order - $20 - Mystery Packs are our way of incorporating a game of chance into ZOX. Each pack contains 3 completely random Straps that range from in stock to sold-out. On top of that, there are over 100 different designs that are 100% exclusive to Mystery Packs, including the rarest Straps we make: Black Stars. These beauties have a rarity level of Grail and only have 100 pieces made. We massively revamped Mystery Packs in June 2019 to be the absolute best experience we could possibly make. This includes the following:

1. Now over 250 different designs mixed in, most with a rarity of Exclusive or better.
2. New Carbon stitched Black Stars with redeemable Black Star Cards.
3. Redeemable Gold cards included with nearly all gold stitched Straps found in Mystery Packs
4. Beautiful 6 - Strap mini-collections with matching Moonstones for the first 200 people to finish a set
5. Extra-rare matching Moonstone Strap for the first 200 people to finish each mini-collection.

The ZOX Secret Stash is our way of keeping the fun of super limited edition Straps and keeping it super exclusive. In the Secret Stash you'll find exclusive Straps (if you're quick, most sell out within 3 hours), exclusive Imperials, Strings, and eventually even more.

So how do you access it? Simple, all of our ZOX Subscriptions grant access. Here's what we currently have available:

Mystery Club

Essential Club

If you'd like to edit/cancel your subscription, you can sign into your account on ZOX.LA. Once you're on your account page, you'll need to click the link that says 'Manage Subscriptions' and you can cancel, update your address, change billing information, and pause your subscription from there.

If you email in to cancel your subscription, it may take up to two weeks for us to process the cancelation.