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Mystery Pack

Mystery Pack



Are you ready for the most exciting mail day ever? Mystery Packs are our way of creating an amazing experience with an element of surprise.

For $20 you'll get 3 completely random Straps. These beauties are sealed up in our non-transparent galaxy packaging, which means what you get is completely random. Not even we (the Bros) know what you're getting when we're packaging these up for their new home.

After 5 years of limited edition ZOX you can bet there are some serious gems in these packs. In addition to the normal in-stock Straps, you'll find a stunning range of beauties unavailable anywhere else. This includes Straps from our personal stash, sold out Straps, unreleased / sample Straps and even our infamous Black Stars, the rarest Straps we make. Yep, they're 1/100 made and are only found in Mystery Packs.

Our goal in creating the Mystery Pack was simple. We want you to have an amazing experience full of excitement, wonder and awesome ZOX. 🙂

Please click here to see how Mystery Packs work with our Happiness Guarantee

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