Let's start at the beginning.

ZOX was created by my two brothers and I at the end of 2010 with four pillars in mind:





Each of these pieces play an important part in every decision we make on a daily basis. 

Serial numbers & stitching

Each Strap is hand stitched together with a tag that has a laser cut serial number on the inside. The outside of this tag contains our trademark ZOX logo in metallic thread. If serial number of the Strap is No. 0001 - 0100, the stitching will be in gold. If it's No. 0101 and above, it'll be in silver. First generation ZOX use white thread for No. 0101+, as well as have the word STRAPS under the logo on the outside. On the secondary market, Gold stitched Straps (referred to simply as 'Golds') tend to command a premium as they're the rarest of any design. 


In 2018, we introduced a rarity scale to help make collecting even easier. The following terms are used to indicate the worldwide release quantities of each design. 

Grails: 100 or less
Legends: 1,000 or less
Exclusives: 3,000 or less
Necessities: 5,000 or less
Essentials: 10,000+

*Anomalies  are designs that have a variation in color or pattern that makes it so ZOX is a little bit different. 

It's important to note that each design is only made once and never reproduced. If you're looking for a sold out Strap, your best option is visit ZOXLIST, a group we moderate to help people buy, sell and trade. 

Collector card & packaging

Collector cards come packed with each Strap (in a resealable package made from 100% post-consumer plastic) as a way to verify it's authenticity. On the front of each card is the name of the Strap, along with a laser engraved number that matches the tag. On the back of the cards are more details about the Strap, along with a gold foiled ZOX logo. 

First generation ZOX have paper cards without engraved serial numbers or gold foil logos. You'll also notice that there are a few variations of resealable packages that these Straps came in. 

General Releases

COLLECTION Straps are the original Straps created in-house by my brothers and I.  Each one includes a Collection No. designation on the inside to indicate how new the addition is to the series. Collection Straps recently had an increase in 2017 to 2,000 pieces made. Before that they were limited to just 1,000.

COLLAB Straps are made with established artists as a showcase of their work. Similar to a limited run of prints, each Collab Strap is individually numbered by design. Collabs vary in quantity but are still made in one-time runs, typically consisting of 5,000 pieces or less.

CREATE Straps are made by artist submission and voting within the ZOX Community.  If Create designs reach at least 250 pre-orders within their two week debut, they are fully funded and 5,000 pieces are made. If they don't reach the 250 threshold they become White Stars.

IMPACT Straps are only made for causes we're trying to help raise money and awareness for. Their quantities will vary by need.

Gifts we give

F&F (Friends and Family) Straps are known for their trademark XO pattern on the outside with a picture of Kirby on the inside. These Straps are never sold, we only give them away as gifts to members of the VIP community. Typically there's one colorway of an F&F released a year before it's retired forever, like all our other Straps. 

CAKE Straps are sent out to VIP members who are on our birthday list as a free gift. To ensure you get emailed a code to get this gift you'll need to make sure you sign up for the VIP Birthday mailing list in our VIP Group at the beginning of every year. 

PURPLES are uber-rare purple stitched Straps that can only be earned. Currently there are two Purples in circulation - Friends with Benefits and Dark Horse. The latter is a throwback to the first ZOX that was handpainted in 2010.

Rare Straps

MASHUPS are unique combinations of two existing Straps we believe work really well together. They include a special designation on the inside and are typically limited to just 1,000 pieces total. 

PEARLS are monthly limited edition Straps that come packed along side a matching enamel pin in a special magnetic collectors box. They are only available via membership which is limited to just 1,000 people. Pearls are the only Straps with logos stitched in metallic pearl white.

WHITE STARS are created just for Mystery Packs and are never available for sale on our site. They're either made in house by my brothers and I or from Create submissions that don't meet the 250 pre-order threshold. In the latter scenario, all pre-orders of the Create Strap are fulfilled and the rest are put in Mystery Packs. White Stars are only made with 1,000 pieces per design.

BLACK STARS are some of the rarest Straps ever made. They are limited to just 100 pieces total and are only found in Mystery Packs.


ZOXBOXES are very rare sets of eight number-matching Straps we package together in a commemorative box. During the first 100 Collection Straps, we released one for every 10th Collection design. Now, as we're going from Collection No. 101 - 200 we're releasing them every 20th Collection design. This trend will continue from 201 - 300 with every 30th Collection design, 301 - 400 getting one every 40th Collection and so on til they're only released on every 100th Collection design. 

Mystery Packs

Created as a fun, exciting way to experience ZOX, Mystery Packs are one of the most popular items on our entire site. It's not hard to see why either - Mystery Packs are the only way to find ultra-rare Black Stars, White Stars and even sold out/ unreleased Straps without buying at a significant markup on the secondary market. Each Pack contains 3 sealed foil packages with no clue of what Straps are inside. A subscription to Mystery Packs (The Mystery Club) get's you a new pack every month, as well as access into The Secret Stash.

Secret Stash

This is a portion of the site only accessible to those with memberships to the monthly Mystery, String, Imperial or Pearl Club. Originally created as a thank you for monthly Club members, the Secret Stash now has exclusive releases of it's own. Some are early releases before pieces hit the main site, others are exclusive to the Stash and will never be released elsewhere. Average rarity of Stash exclusives is 1,000 pieces per design.