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Siren Song

I made Siren Song in honor of my best friend Taylor. She has been my best friend since I was 8 years old; she has been with me through it all. She was there When this were hard, when there was pain, when the sun shined, and when I couldn't stop laughing, and above all she was there when I felt all alone and reminded me I wasn't. She has accepted me for who I am and I know I can always be myself and that I would be safe with her with her around. She picked me up when I was down and was always there fro me to rely on; I feel like this strap is my way of saying Thank you and I love you! Taylor once told me a wish she's had since she was a little girl; her wish was that the whole world would become one giant ocean and that everyone would become mermaids/men and live happily in the sea. Well, I can't make her wish come true, but I can make her a mermaid with this strap and with it I have painted Taylor's wish into reality. I want her to carry this strap with her always and know that the art on her wrist was for her. May this strap symbolize the long friendships and the love we all share with those around us. For all of us who have those special people in our lives, those special people we can rely on no matter what, who support our dreams, and who calm the storms that pass through our lives. -Joshua DeStafano & Dillon Whitlow Artist Joshua DeStafano & Dillon Whitlow