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Paper Planes

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The lifestyle we all hope for. About I believe it was right around 1st or 2nd grade that I learned how to make my first paper plane. As soon as I realized I could take a simple piece of paper and make it glide across the room, I was hooked. Every piece of paper I could find was getting hurled across the room in an amazing flight of glory. It didn’t start that way though, it took practice and attention to detail to get my little planes to fly. Just the tiniest modification and I could get it to do loops, twirls, and even come back to me like a boomerang. That’s a pretty cool lesson I learned back then, and it’s stuck with me ever since: It’s the little things that make the difference. When you’re 12, you can’t wait to be 16; when you’re 16, you want to be 18; 18 years olds want to be 21, etc etc. We’re so focused on that next point in our lives that we forget to enjoy where we’re at right now. We blow through things half way instead of paying attention to details and striving for perfection. Hopefully this Strap is that reminder to you the same way my first plane was to me. Take your time, do it right and enjoy the ride. Outside Design diagonal plaid pattern that uses black, white and a variety of yellows. Inside Design Inside is black with yellow ‘Paper Planes.’ typography; vertical ZOXSTRAPS and Collection text with ‘No. 12′ under it all in yellow. Rarity 5/10 Artist Jason Kuipers