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The Uncommon Way. About When I first came across John 'Orcheeze' Ortiz's artwork, I was amazed. Everything about his art was perfect. From his color choice to style, I was in awe. After talking to John for a few months we were finally able to put together something spectacular. The reason it took so long for us to put the collab together was because he was in and out of the hospital undergoing cancer treatment. When he first told me about his situation, it made me love what he was doing even more. Not only is he doing what he loves, but he's making his mark on the world every day through his amazing artistic talents. Nothing brings my brothers and I a bigger smile than sharing beautiful artwork with you Zoxers while supporting amazing artists like John. Outside Design A portion of Orcheeze's Kanye West portrait. Inside Design Blue liquid camo with yellow and orange 'Imaginative' typography. Rarity 1/1,000 Artist John 'Orcheeze' Ortiz