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First In, Last Out

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My dad has been one of my biggest inspirations in life. No matter how much we butt heads, I love him to death. Whether my dad realizes it or not, his job, as a firefighter, has shaped me, just as much as it has shaped him. Nearly every day (or so it seems), my dad is on duty, ready to put his life on the line and do whatever it takes to save a life. The courage that he shows on a daily basis, has instilled in me some of my deepest held virtues. Be responsible, be kind, and always help others. These virtues have helped me get through life. I don't think my dad realizes the impact that he has had on me as a firefighter. The public may look up to him as a role model, but so do I. I am proud to say, that's my dad. 
I not only wanted to create a strap for my dad, but I wanted to create one for all firefighters, wherever in the world, they may be. This is their reminder to stay vigilant, stay courageous, and to always come home to their families. 
Because of all the fires that are crippling NorCal, and because I personally know people that have been affected by these fires, if this design makes it, I will be donating 50% of the profits to disaster relief in Santa Rosa. I'm not totally sure where the funds will go exactly, but they will be going to help that area.


Austin Salois


-1 Reversible Wristband

-Made From Buttery Soft Elastic

-Fits Wrists Between 5.75" and 7.25"

-Individually Numbered

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