Chevron Rightvip of the week

diane robinson

June 5, 2022

Meet Diane Robinson!

Hi Diane! Where are you from?

Rockford, Illinois

How'd you find ZOX?

I first found/noticed ZOX on the wrist of a good friend. I love the messages, artwork, and the relationships that I've formed.

How long have you been a VIP?

I've been a member of VIP since June 2020. And I love the sense of community.

If you could bring back a retired strap, what would it be?

Retired strap? Gosh, that's a toss up. I'd love to see Locked come back, but also Warrior.

What's your favorite ZOX memory?

My favorite memory is a tough one.  But probably the best was reaching out during the pandemic and becoming friends with Robin Jeanne Roy Grignon. I'm generally not that person, but I surprised myself.

Which ZOX are you currently wearing?

Currently wearing Quiet Your Mind. I wear Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom the most.

How big is your collection?

My collection isn't too large, probably around 200 or so?

What would your dream strap look like?

My dream strap (because I'm a strap person 😊😊) would be something having to do with the words "split apart", having to do with soulmates. (It's what I call my husband.) I know, the cheese factor is high there, but the love is grand. 💜💜

Which ZOX will you be collecting next?

As far as what's next for me? Whatever speaks to me.