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collect the happy moments

August 15, 2022

I stumbled on a Zox ad...and fell in love. I believe I bought like 6 the first time out. Four of them were collect the happy moments. I gave one to my 17 yr old grandson because he has met the love of his life. I wear one, and the other 2 go to co-workers that have since left the company, but we remain close and are still very much in each other's lives. One of these coworkers called me crying, she thought her new puppy had eaten her Zox. I told her I would get her another. Before I could order it, her Fiancé came home... and he was wearing it. He told me he loved and wanted one of his own. So now I will order one of the collect the happy moments for him, but I have yet to decide which I should get to just be his. To show how much he has become family to me also. Love my Zox! I'm never without them.

Collect The Happy Moments