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top 5 zox for starting the new year

January 9, 2022

For better or worse, the world has changed dramatically—and just maybe you felt a shift in yourself as well. While 2021 gave us the time to look inward and ask, “What do I really want to do with my life?”, 2022 is the time to act on your self-discovery.

Whether you want to dive into rollerblading, start a small business, or cultivate your relationships, 2022 will be a year of transformation. However, maintaining that new year's motivation in the coming months is not so easy. If you’re ready to uphold your resolutions and make a positive change, these ZOX can help push you forward.

Begin Again 2022

When the glitter of fireworks tumbles down from the midnight sky, it’s easy to imagine all the possibilities of the coming year. This design captures that dazzling moment in beautiful purple and yellow hues, reminding you of that inspirational night. This ZOX’s message is all about accepting the hardships of the past with grace and having the strength to start again. The difficulties of 2021 won’t leave us, but when the clock struck midnight and the sky lit up, 2022 offered us new opportunities—and this single carries that inspiration.

Start A New Chapter

Looking at the empty calendar, I see 365 possibilities. Each day is a new opportunity to write your story. The Start A New Chapter Single embodies this with its colorful collection of books. Do you see the unique covers, bent pages, and bookmarks? Those are reminders that you’ve already lived a full life, but it is far from over. In 2022, use this ZOX as a motivator to take hold of your story and write a new chapter filled with adventures and plot twists.

Greater Things To Come

If you found it difficult to connect with the sentiments of the previous two designs, this ZOX is for you. Maybe the darkness of 2021 didn’t leave you when January 1st came along, and messages of positivity aren’t quite hitting the mark. The stormy blue of this single, paired with the striking gold geometric design, visually expresses that there is always light within the darkness. Your transformation won’t happen overnight, so when you wear this wristband, embrace the storm and know that there really are greater things to come.

No Excuses

As Landri writes in this double’s story, the word “try” is a promise, to others or yourself, that you will put in an effort. Whether you want to save more money or get organized, it’s all too easy to create excuses that allow you to give up before you even begin. If your new year’s resolutions are daunting, these adorable bunnies are there to showcase that every movement countsno matter how small. So when you take that first step towards your 2022 goal, let your old excuse fall away so you can reach your true potential.

Progress Not Perfection

There are 12 months of this year for you to work towards a better version of yourself, so it should come as no surprise that I recommend this strap for days when you feel stuck. The collage of colors on this design creates a groovy look that highlights the beauty of imperfection. It’s almost guaranteed that you will face obstacles throughout this year, but don’t let mistakes or setbacks take away from what you’ve already accomplished.

This year was one for the history books. We’ve dealt with the worst that the world could throw at us. Yet, 2022 still arrived with fresh hope and a wish for better days. I hope that this array of ZOX inspires you to dream big (or small) and seize the day.

Talk soon,