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the truth behind your charms

February 6, 2022

With the introduction of wave charms, ZOX has joined the centuries-long tradition of using color to display mood and draw in positive energy. By choosing one of these accessories, you can invoke the many different qualities of the precious stones they’re named after while showing off your personal style. If you are looking to upgrade your ZOX Strings and Singles, these charms will help you give off the perfect vibe for each day.

Following Your Heart

Love comes in many shapes and sizes — and hues. It shouldn’t surprise you that the soft pastel color of pink tourmaline has some romantic symbolism. This gemstone may help you find new love and enhance the role of romance in your life. As one of the rarest tourmaline colors, this stone showcases that unconditional love is hard to find, but the color is there to keep you motivated during your search for that special person. Its darker companion — the ruby — has a strong association with the passions of love, making it a great stone to share with a significant other.

If red isn’t your style, take a note from Cleopatra’s stylebook! The emerald was a favorite of the Egyptian queen for good reason. Its beautiful color represents freshness, vitality, and optimism. The ruby’s passion is evenly matched by the emerald’s faithful and everlasting love. Its calming color is a great alternative to the red tones.

A favorite amongst modern royals is the sapphire. You can find this stone in Princess Diana and Princess Kate’s engagement rings. The blue tone is said to represent new love and commitment, which is why it's often seen alongside the diamond. Sapphires may also improve communication, enhance leadership skills, and help you in focusing on achieving your goals.

Looking Inward

Self-love is just as important as any relationship in your life. Focus on your personal growth with these motivating stones. If you’ve been struggling lately, the pearl charm is a great choice for gentle encouragement. The “mother of pearl” has soothing abilities due to its association with motherly protection, and may give you the little push you need to move forward. It is also said to bring prosperity into the wearer's life.

The green reflection of the peridot has a strong association with growth, energy, and rebirth, serving as a great motivator of change. The pastel green mimics the fresh look of the Spring season with its new grass and blooming flowers. The powers of peridot don’t stop at internal transformations, either. The stone is also handy to have if you're hoping for a financial boost.

The citrine is meant to brighten up the lives of those that wear it with the help of its sunshine-like color. If you are looking to let some things go, this stone provides the light to chase away negativity. Its nicknames include the “lucky merchant’s stone” and “the success stone” because early tradesmen believed it brought on wealth and protection.

Finding Courage

While you may only be familiar with the diamond’s association with engagement rings, it actually has quite the history before the 1948 “Diamonds are forever” campaign. The word diamond is derived from the Greek word “adamas”, meaning unbreakable or invincible. Kings would wear these ultra-strong stones into battle for determination and emotional strength. Beyond their characteristic dependability and resilience, diamonds are known as the gemstone of intellect, giving the wearer a clear head for decision-making.

On the opposite end of the color spectrum lies onyx. The dark color may look intimidating, but it's actually known for having protective qualities. Onyx is supposed to help you find the courage to fight your fears while healing old emotional wounds that may be holding you back.

If you enjoy the minimalistic look of the diamond and onyx charms, here's a sneak peek at an upcoming design that features one of our favorite black and white furry friends!

Soothing Nerves

If you have ever fallen asleep to the sounds of ocean waves, you know the calming qualities of water. The blue tones of aquamarine are tied closely with the ocean, as it often accompanied sailors across the ocean for protection. Thus, this ocean-blue stone came to represent serenity. When wearing the color, you can imagine yourself enjoying the salty breeze wafting off the sea and feel your worries fall away. This “stone of communication” is also known for calming relationship troubles.

Topaz comes in a variety of colors, but none are as popular as the blue topaz. It is ideal for mending relationships as the soothing stone symbolizes truth and forgiveness. The color is supposed to strengthen emotional support while stabilizing emotions. So, if you are having a difficult time offering amends to someone in your life, having a blue topaz at your side just might help you navigate through.

The amethyst’s beauty mesmerized many cultures, including the Greeks, who have an entire myth around how the purple color of the stone came to be. The god Dionysus reigned over many categories, but most famously wine. He created amethyst by pouring his drink over a stone that was once a woman avoiding his advances. This tale and its association with the indulgent god has given the stone its sobering properties, touting the abilities to calm emotions and provide clarity of thought.

Amber shares its courage-inducing qualities with onyx and uplifting abilities with citrine, but its unique color also supports a nervous mind. The stone is meant to absorb negative energy and give off a bright, soothing glow. This mimics the glow of the sun to emit warm energy to the wearer.

From expressing your endless love with emeralds to finding courage in the strength of the diamond, gemstones have always held a deep cultural meaning for the wearers. The charms are not only bold but highlight the unique characteristics of the gem to give you a mood boost in an ideal way for you.