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the best zox for valentine's day

January 23, 2022

If you’re lucky enough to have been struck by Cupid’s arrow this Valentine’s Day, it's important that you convey your affection to that special someone. Chocolate covered strawberries and a bouquet of roses are classic choices, but what could be the cherry on top? You need a gift that is just as unique and enchanting as they are, and that’s where ZOX comes in. With beautiful designs and meaningful names, these ZOX wristbands will express your love when you can’t find the words.

Love You To The Moon

This space design is a versatile option for lovebirds that want a bracelet with broad visual appeal. While it's not as flowery as the other options, this Strap makes up for with its heartwarming message: love you to the moon (and back). Each time your loved one looks down at their wrist, they will be reminded that your love reaches the stars.

Love Knows No Bounds

Does your heart flutter when you see your significant other? These flying swallows will show them just how great they make you feel when you’re together. Despite soaring miles away from their homes each winter, swallows always return home. Let this migration remind you that no matter the distance between you and your person, the love will always remain. Whether you are in a long distance relationship or just feel your loved one’s absence, this band is the perfect reminder of your shared affection.

You Are Loved

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, so if you want to treat a friend or family member to a special gift to spread the love of Valentine’s Day, this uplifting message is ideal. The blooming red roses and complementary green leaves create a striking image that the wearer will love to show off. But mostly importantly, this ZOX Single ensures that they remember that YOU love them. Their heart will never feel empty when they know you are in their corner.

Us Against The World

Life can throw a lot at you, but with a supportive partner at your side, nothing is impossible. To showcase that unified strength, this wristband features overlapping gold shapes to create an eye-catching, geometric look. This Strap’s design is bold, just like your love, so show your significant other that you are ready to go all in. There really is no one better to take on the world with.

Love You More

Love You More is an homage to Cupids and cherubs alike. This long-form design (meaning there's a lot of variations as to what art you’ll get!) is as adorable as it is intricate with its detailed scrollwork and delicate winged babies. When giving this Single to a loved one, you are telling them that you love them in every sense of the word. Love can be endless, but this wristband is a reminder that you love them even beyond that.

Remember that Valentine’s Day is a time to express the depth of your love to those around you. When deciding on the perfect gift, take time to understand what will make your special person feel truly understood and appreciated. And whether ZOX Straps or Singles can help you along in your romantic journey or not, know that on Valentine’s Day, you’re our perfect match.