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we moved!

May 2, 2021

New Sheriff In Town

This town ain’t big enough for the both of us.

Okay, just kidding, this CITY is huge! And we’re coming in!

Everything’s bigger in Texas, right? Well, Texas just got even bigger!

ZOX has arrived! 

In the past week, our team packed up our warehouses in California and began the trek to our new adventure in Texas. We’re going to be setting up our new home in Austin, Texas, and we couldn’t be more excited!! 

While we had an amazing time in California, we felt it was time to branch out and discover new places for us to grow. 

Our move to Austin is a tremendous step for our entire family here at ZOX, and we want to thank you ALL for your support and love along the way of this new journey. We’re working on getting our space ready not only for our in-house family but also for YOUour ZOX community :)

That being said, keep an eye out for updates on our moving situation, our space where you’ll eventually be able to come to visit us (let’s hang out!), and new things all around!

Thank you to California for the past few wonderful years there, and howdy Austin!