What’s your theme for 2014?


I had a friend ask me what 2013 was going to be ‘the year of’ for me and now I’m hooked. Rather than making resolutions I decide to have one focal point for that year, one characteristic I really want to work on. Last year it was influence; I wanted to be a person that made a difference in the world around me with actual influence rather than just adapting. If you ask me.. I feel pretty darn good about what I was able to do when my mind was set to it. 2013 was, to be honest, my favorite year of this God given life I’ve had so far and I have no doubt 2014 will be even better.

So let me ask you this: What’s your theme for 2014? What one characteristic are you choosing to improve this year above all others? Pretty exciting to think about, isn’t it!? To think that you could legitimately change something so much it’d impact the rest of your life.. man I love that.

This past year has been one I’ll never forget. We’ve gotten to be a part of some amazing events with folks like Vans, IMG, Intel, Audi, Aquafina, Verizon and the NHL. We acquired NCAA licenses for our home team(s), UofM and MSU, as well as the US Army. The highlight of it all? Meeting my childhood hero and having him sign the Straps we made for his event. Thank you MJ!


We saw ZOX expand more than I ever imagined it would, making tons of new friends from all over the globe. Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Russia and a bunch of others I’m sure I’m forgetting. It’s so cool to see people from all over the world come together because of their love for our little pieces of collectible art; I can’t say enough how thankful I am for each and every one of you.

On a personal side, this year has been epic as well. My little bros have taken on a tremendous amount of responsibility as we’ve grown and I’ve become the incredibly proud big bro. I also proposed to Kara on Christmas Eve at the beach in Malibu and got a ‘yes’ with some tears of joy. Man I feel like the luckiest guy on earth right now! 🙂


That’s about it for our new year updates. Drop me a line below and let me know what your theme will be for this year and how you plan on accomplishing it. I can tell you this – all three of the bros here at Zox are cheerin’ for ya.

Talk soon!

19 responses to “What’s your theme for 2014?

  1. My theme for this year would be “Change”. I’m currently a high school senior and in the fall I will be going to college somewhere. It will be a great change in my life for me. I’m a little scared but I think I can overcome that fear. It’s one of those moments where you have to take the initiative to press on the gas pedal and go forward with your life. Do something in your life that you would love to do.

  2. My theme for this year is courage and self-esteem. This is my theme this year so others won’t bring me down and I can soar through the sky better than them and I can succeed.

  3. My theme for this year is “confidence”. when I say confidence I mean as the confidence to be me. I am always put in situations where I have to decide whether to do what I want, or what “the crowd” wants. As sad as it is, I usually pick “the crowd”. I should do things I want and love to do or wear, no matter what “the crowd” may think. This theme also is in supporting my values and standing up to people who I think aren’t considerate. For example the word “retard”, I very much hate this word and if I hear someone use this word inconsiderately, I should have the confidence to confront them about it.

  4. I would say mine would be a clash of change with improvement. For my reason on that, a little back story. My wife and I have been married now for 2 and a half years, been together for almost 5 years now. We both came from relationships that failed horribly and where we currently live there are so many memories of those past relationships that it hurts. Plus, where we live the weather is affecting our health and the schools are getting worse as well and our toddler (will be 4 come March) is just about school age. So we need change and improvement within our lives. We are moving soon to California, about 800 miles from where we currently live. We won’t know anyone in the area, but we will be about 2 hours away from family instead of 14 hours away. So even though it’s a big change for us, moving someplace new and strange, it’ll be good for us. We will be closer to family, the weather (more sunshine and way, WAY less rain and cloud cover) and proximity to the beach (about 10 minutes away) will help both of our health issues to basically go away. Plus, the schools down there are way better than here, so our little one will be able to get the education that he deserves. It would be easier to just stay where we are instead of moving, but that’s just a stagnant life. So we are taking charge of our lives and going to embrace the change while also improving our lives. It’s going to be an exciting new chapter in our lives and even though it’ll be scary, it’ll be a fantastic journey!

  5. My theme would be “responsibility” as a high school senior headed to GVSU next year I need to take responsibility to succeed next year. I won’t have people telling me what to do I need to do to myself and I think this could be a cool theme. Everyone deals with responsibility and to live and succeed you need to be responsible for yourself and your future.

  6. I never really thought of looking at each new year as new themes before, but I’m glad I came across this. It got me thinking about the goals that I have set for myself. I’ve been going through a really dark and emotional time in my life, and It’s hard for me to see the light. Ever since I came across the Zox Straps, I’ve been trying to live by each one that I have ordered. I guess all together, my theme for 2014 is to “Break Away”. My high school career is slowly coming to an end, and I need to focus on what I’m going to do next. Being in a dark state of mind can be problematic, so I feel that breaking away from what I’ve always known is exactly what I need. I want to be able to finally take matters and my life into my own hands, and start a new. My life will literally become music, which is what I’ve always wanted it to be. In order to fulfill my dreams and goals, I need to let go of old personal traditions. They’ve transformed into setbacks, and I won’t let them keep me from doing what I was meant to do.

  7. I want to be somebody I want to be an entropenior I have many I dead for zox witch most of them won’t be put into action I always come up with way to make and sell my items I am currently making skate baords in my garage I call the brand platinum baords I’ve sold a few for 100$ some cheaper for friends so that what I’m Doug this year being somebody

  8. “BRAVE” Is what caught my eye to this post.

    That is also my word for 2014. I came to that epiphany right before New Years.
    Our family has endured some trying changes and growth. In 2012 my word was HOPE. In 2013 it was HEAL, and ironically in 2014 BRAVE. I am even getting a tattoo of a sweet lion on my arm and the letters BRAVE on the underside because I am so seriously passionate about the life changing things I am determined to seek out to the end. I started slow and am just gaining momentum.

  9. I realize this is a little late, but my theme for the year has to be dedication as well as devotion. I recently completed my junior year in college, and will begin my final year this fall as a college student at GVSU and I cannot be more excited. I am also as of the last year in the company of which I intend to apply my degree in and have a full time career in and through dedication and devotion I have both achieved these success, as well as will continue to progress into the beginning of life after college. I encourage everyone to pursue their goals as a living testament that they really can come true.

  10. I’d say my theme for the year is faith. I need to trust God more, put myself in His hands and stop trying to ‘do it’ under my own power. ‘Cause I’ve seen what ‘my own power’ looks like, and it looks like a 6-year-old trying to push a Silverado up Pike’s Peak single-handedly while the parking brake is on. Only He knows how well I’ll ultimately live out that theme, but that’s my goal! Not a resolution, but…a longing. God bless, guys, and your stuff is really cool. Considering that ‘church’ band you have there. I like, I like!

  11. My theme this year is ” Determination” because without it I will become another statistic for the U.S. and I refuse to be that. So with determination I will finish my associates degree do that I may go help deaf people in situations from their everyday lives to the emergency room.

  12. My theme is “Refine.” I’m refining myself and taking the qualities I love and scraping away the things I don’t about myself. I’m learning to love myself for who I am and learning to better respect myself and take care of myself. I’m learning to be a happier better me for myself and those around me.

  13. My Theme is Rescue and Revive or 112!
    This year is a really hard year in Germany.
    Im a Paramedic and a Firefighter, we have many to do this year. Many happend and more will happen… Last Week i had react really fast at our medical service on the court Festival at Delingsdorf. We had closing time and have to go back to our Town, but than come a older Men to us and say that he feels sick and so on…
    So we brought him into our ambulance. I had measured blood pressure, its was really high. 10 minutes later it wasn´t better, so i decidet to call our control center, they send aus another ambulance and a emergency doctor. They load him on their ambulance and than came the Doctor to me and say, that was really fast! One minute later and you have an resuscitation.
    I cant descripe it better, im not really good in english and our Medical and rescue system is other than yours in America.
    What i will say with this Story?!
    Firefighter and Paramedics rescue lives, 365 days in the year!
    And this year in Germany is really hard for all Firefighters and Paramedics.
    We got a new system, More accidents than the last years and the worst thing no one will here our mind?! So my theme for my work as a volunteer Paramedic and Firefighter: Rescue and Revive! as my Theme.
    The other Theme maybe our Nummer for emergencies 112(America its 911 😉 )

  14. My theme of the year is “Ambition.”

    To me this means setting goals and pursuing them until you have succeeded, and even then you are not even close to were you want to be. To have the ambition to make mistakes and work hard to grow yourself in every aspect of your character, and life. Since I am transferring to the University of Denver this year, I will face more challenges. Not because it is going to be more difficult but because I will put myself in a situation where my ambition to succeed will surpass those challenges and more.

  15. My suggestion, maybe for 2015, is Endometriosis Awareness. Endometriosis affects the female reproductive system, however it may spread elsewhere in the body (bowel, kidneys, even the lungs). It is a condition that 1 in 10 women have and may not know it (i am one of those women who do have it). It is incurable, and cancer-like in the manner that no matter what treatments you use, it’ll never go away and always get worse. The color for our Endo ribbon is yellow, and a common way to describe what it feels like to have a chronic pain condition is the “spoon theory” and can be looked into with more detail by googling it. The 176+ million women who suffer from this disease would greatly appreciate being supported in this manner, and even more so if some of the profits could be sent to the Endometriosis Foundation of America.

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