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-Made From Buttery Soft Elastic
-Fits Wrists Between 5.75" and 7.25"
-Individually Numbered
-1 of 2000 Made

I'm super excited about this new set from our friends at BL Visuals. We sent them 50 blank straps to dip however they pleased and they sent us back an insane variety of designs. We hand picked our top four favorites and made 2,000 pieces of each one. Wander is the second of these four designs and features an incredibly beautiful mix of almost every color. I love the artwork on and the name of this design. Wander is all about reminding you that life is fluid. There's not just one path set before us, but many we can choose from. Taking the time to Wander a new path will give you a new perspective and outlook on life. The people you'll meet will change you in a way you could have never imagined. Never be afraid to Wander. 

Brad Lawrence

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