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Valley Of The Sun

Phoenix: Valley of the Sun. [pl_video type="youtube" id="8zDD9mpoI_4"] About It's now been over two years since we released our original City Camo set. How crazy is that? We have so many new Zoxers in so many cities around the United States. This spin-off of our original series features designs reworked in our own digicamo pattern with colors Pantone matched to a sports team in the city. How epic is that? Whether you're a resident, a fan, or you just love the colors, these designs are a must have in any collection. Make sure you pick up our MagicCity and Steel City Straps along with this beauty. Outside Design Digicamo with yellow, orange, purple, and gray. Inside Design Dark gray digicamo with yellow, purrple, and orange 'ValleyOfTheSun' typography. Rarity 1/300 Artist Brandon Kuipers