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This Pearl Club is the same as the standard Pearl Club. The only thing that has changed is the price which reflects the added cost of shipping your order Duties Paid to the UK. This will save you 

£7 total in handling fees vs the standard subscription. 

- Limited 1/1,000
- 1 Reversible Wristband

- 1 Matching enamel pin
- Individually Numbered
- Matching Collectors Box
- Happiness Guaranteed
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Dust to dust: The beginning of Pearls. 

On August 28th, 2017 I was with Kara and Sven in a tiny apartment we had rented while in London. I woke up to a long text from my mom and my heart just sank. My grandma had passed away. 

We knew this day was coming - grandma was in hospice and I had visited her just a few months prior. I began tearing up the moment I laid eyes on her, sitting at the long table in the cafeteria area with a few of her friends. She looked 10 years older than the last time I had seen her and it just crushed me - the realization that this woman I had looked up to my whole life might not be here much longer. It's unbelievably hard to see someone you love so struggling to hold on. It's even harder walking out that door, knowing you've probably said your goodbye for the very last time. 

I have to be completely honest - I'm doing my best to hold back tears as I write this now because she was such an impactful part of my life. My grandma was a massive inspiration to me, both in how I should treat people and what true selflessness looks like. I have never, in my entire life, met someone as kindhearted and compassionate as she was. That's the legacy she left.

I landed in Grand Rapids the next day for my Grandma's visitation. I visited, talked with relatives and swapped stories. The next morning, we had the funeral. 

During the prayer, the phrase "dust to dust" really stood out to me. It made me realize that even the most important people are here and gone in a moment - that's the natural circle of life. While we can't control how long we're here, we can control the impact we make, just like my Grandma did. She changed the lives of everyone she met, inspiring them to be the very best version of themselves with overwhelming kindness. 

On my flight back to London that following morning, I had a lot of time to sit and think about what my Grandma meant to me - what I could do to make an impact like she had. By the time I landed, Pearls were born. 

The name Pearls came from one of my fondest memories of my Grandma, her little pearl necklace that she kept in a music box on her dresser. On the inside of the lid she had taped a small black and white photo of her and my grandpa from their wedding. You could wind a dial on it and it'd play a little song for you, something I must have done a thousand times. I don't know why, but that box always captivated me with it's little song. 

While a musical box wasn't feasible, one you could be inspired by every time you opened it was. I wanted to include a Strap you could wear to be inspired daily, but also something made of metal. Something crafted by hand to be beautiful. That's where the matching pins came in. 

Pins are the perfect way to hide a little reminder in a backpack, on a jacket or even a hat. Their hand-feel, as soon as you touch them, is strangely soothing, as was the pearl necklace Grandma had. That was my inspiration. 

Pearls are very special to me as they'll cover topics that are near and dear to my heart. They're meant to evoke a conversation every month about things that all of us deal with but most are afraid to talk about. More importantly, they're meant to build relationships. 

This one's for you Grandma. I hope one day I'll be able to make an impact like you did. Miss you more than words can ever express. <3 

- Jason

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Umay B.
United Kingdom

Really good.

The box is elegant, the pin is interesting, the band is beautiful.

Kate K.
United Kingdom

Two out of two

I brought the first to remind me of my parents, who are no longer with me. The second came and I deliberately kept what it would be a surprise. I loved it as soon as I opened it. So excited for the next one.

Nim T.
United Kingdom

Amazing strap and pin combination

The two Pearl subscriptions I have received so far have both been really meaningful, wonderful messages. The pin and strap really compliment one another and the presentation is on point! Being such a limited release, I really feel privileged to be apart of this subscription and would urge anyone to join should the opportunity arise!

Sam Ward

Wonderful meaning

A beautiful strap with a wonderful meaning.

Katie Williams


I really like both the strap and the meaning. I haven to admit that my favourite part is the pin that goes everywhere with me on the strap of my bag as I like to swap around my straps. Great idea bros and very meaningful