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Facet. About FACET was born out of a desire to just play and experiment as I did when I first started making art. Over the decade plus I've been creating work, I had evolved to a place where I was obsessed with refining my pieces, pouring more and more hours in to them, tweaking and picking and murdering any chance of having any fun. I missed simply making something, enjoying the process and then releasing the result in to the world without losing my mind trying to perfect it. I made the first few with no real end game in sight, just for pleasure. I began to think I could create an exhibitions worth of material when my girlfriend Ting challenged me to make it a daily project for a full year. Perhaps unwisely, I accepted, and thus the quest for 365 began... Outside Design Justin Maller's Turbine artwork. Inside Design A dark grey black overlay of artwork on the front along with red 'Turbine' typography. Rarity 1/1,000 Artist Justin Maller