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Start A Tradition. About I love this design; from the beautiful pattern on the outside to the name on the inside, this Zox is perfect. If you we're to Google 'tradition' right now, most of the results would view tradition in a negative light. Unfortunately, a lot of the longstanding traditions as well as those that we have recently broken away from have had a negative effect on society. What this really made Jason and I realize, is that we need more positive traditions is our societies. We want this Strap to represent a new, positive tradition that you want to start with your friends and let it serve as a reminder to focus on making a simple activity into a longstanding tradition. Outside Design A pattern of overlaying hexagons creating a blend of blue, green, yellow, and magenta triangles. Inside Design Navy blue with halftone dark navy blue lines and tan 'Tradition' typography. Rarity 1/1,000 Artist Brandon Kuipers