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Taste of Color

Taste the Rainbow. About There is a condition called Synesthesia. The people who have this condition say that food they taste is associated with a color and pattern, or music they hear looks a certain way in their head, things like that. Scientists believe that these people have more pathways in their brains that connect the receptors to each other in ways most humans don't have. Ever since I heard about it I have been so enthralled by the idea that there is a possibility for us humans to taste color, to smell sound, to have our senses not be so separate from each other. People who have this say it can be a bit chaotic at times but that it just teaches you to see the beauty in the chaos, something I have always tried to do as best as i could. I am always searching for the peace in the storm, the beauty of chaos, the good in the bad and I feel like thats something we need to remember. That th e most amazing things can happen when everything is everywhere and happening all at once if we just remember to look for it. We should all strive to smell sound, to taste color, to live so richly in the moment that you are overcome with every little thing in such a wonderful way. - Meagan Petry Rarity 1/1,000 Artist Meagan Petry