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Find Serenity. [pl_video type="youtube" id="n_9Jz2lddaw"] About Serenity is the first design in a three-part collab between ZOX and European graffiti artist Dan Sapunar. When I first came across Dan's artwork, I was blown away by the color, detail, and quality of his work. Dan's work isn't about tagging his name, it's about creating works of art that inspire awe and wonder that inspire anyone that passes by. The creativity behind his work is amazing, from painting entire buildings down to just a canvas, his work is truly one of a kind. When he sent me over artwork to choose from, my biggest disappointment was how awesome some of his pieces were that we couldn't use because they wouldn't fit onto a Strap. I'm so stoked to be sharing Dan's artwork with you and I can't wait to show you more. Outside Design A portion of Dan Sapunar's Cosmic Mother Painting. Inside Design A whited out cut from the same painting with pink 'Serenity' typography. Rarity 1/1,000 Artist Dan Sapunar