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Rarity Level: Necessities

Stitching Details: 
0001 - 0100: Gold
0101+: Silver

Product Details:
-Laser engraved serial number on the tag
-PANTONE® printed ultra-premium elastic 
-Unique reversible design 
-Number-matching Collector's card
-Individually packed within a protective, resealable sleeve
-Fits wrists between 5.25" and 7.25"
-Click here for care instructions

People Details:
-Handmade with love
-Happiness Guaranteed
-Every product sold provides a year of clean water


This strap was made in honor of my best friend, my love, and my happiness. Her name is Linda. We met about 7-8 years ago over a silly misunderstanding where she drew something in inspiration from me, but I thought she was stealing one of my creations. After explaining herself, I understood, and we quickly became friends!

After a bit of time, we grew greatly fond of each other. We knew we liked each other a lot but we never acted on it because we were going with the flow and feeling it out naturally. This was the first time in my life I didn’t feel pressured into a relationship, and I would’ve been her first relationship entirely. Secretly, I felt like she could do a lot better than me.

Despite her feelings for me, she did find her first relationship and we remained friends for a while until we slowly drifted apart. Things were really quiet between us as her relationship with her boyfriend grew and she was job-hunting. After several months, I had seen she posted about being hired to work at her dream job! So I congratulated her and figured I’d catch up with her the next day as it was late and I was already prepared for bed.

I’m sorry to say this story doesn’t have a happy ending. I never got to catch up with her, and she never got to work at her dream job.

The next day, I had found out that her ex-boyfriend strangled her to death after she had broken up with him.

I chose lilies of the valley for this tribute strap because they are small, beautiful, and delicate, just like Linda was. They are also a symbol for returning happiness. It’s been 4 years and I’m forced to come to terms that my happiness isn’t coming back.

D Alan Nikos

Release Date: 10.9.18

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