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Everyone Needs Some Reassurance. About Reassurance is a name I really love because it's powerful. A little reassurance goes a long way, doesn't it? Think about when your significant other tells you how much they care about you or when your boss says how much they appreciate your hard work. The feeling after hearing something like that is reassurance; the recognition of another that you matter to them. Man I love that. My hope for you with this Strap is that you'll go out of your way to reassure some one each day that they're valuable; that they matter and you truly appreciate them. This is a craving we all have yet rarely talk about and I really hope the message of this Strap spreads the way it's meant to. Outside Design Clouds of deep red, magenta, light pink, white, and blue. Inside Design Dark blue with an overlying light blue webbed pattern and magenta 'Reassurance' typography. Rarity 1/1,000 Artist Caleb Troy