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Born With It. About A prodigy is someone of a young age that's naturally gifted with a certain skill set or attribute. Growing up, we've all seen others around us shine at something, and we all probably shined as well. But the thing is, most of us take for granted what is given to us and forget that to become great it still takes hard work. Each one of us is gifted with a set of skills that can make us a prodigy in some aspect of life, the hard part is not only figuring out what those skills are, but working to improve them. This Strap is a reminder to find what you're naturally good at and become great. Don't settle for the easy path and be content with being mediocre, push yourself forward and become the best version of yourself. Outside Design Light blue and red arrows overlying each other to form a darker blue, magenta, and darker red. Inside Design Red with a slightly darker red geometric pattern and light blue 'Prodigy' typography. Rarity 1/1,000 Artist Jason Kuipers