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Motor City.

City Camo Series. About Our City Camo Series is a Collabo with our buddy Florian. I still remember visiting with Flo over lunch in Santa Monica, talking about what was next in design. One thing we kept coming back to was camo with a twist; something that made you feel good. The City Camo Straps are what came out of that conversation. We started with 14 colorways and a very unique concept; we'd only sell them in the city they were made for. The twist on this is that we release a very limited amount of gold stitched Straps for every city on our site. This is rad for collectors with a 'mouse' that can check out before their gone, grabbing the whole set without having to jump on a plane. Flo created some incredible colorways for this pack and I hope you'll have the opportunity to enjoy them as much as I do. Outside Design Hand drawn camo pattern colored dark blue, orange, grey, and white. Inside Design White and grey camo with orange and dark blue "MotorCity" typography. Rarity 1/300 h4>Artist Florian Mihr