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Lost Boy

Think of a happy thought and follow us as we fly through the sky...second star to the right and straight on till morning! Join us on the island where we can dance with Indians, climb trees with lost boys, and duel with pirates! If you are lucky, you may even stumble upon a lagoon filled with mermaids! This adventure will always be a favorite of mine, and it reminds me never to take life too seriously. Never force yourself to grow up too quickly. There is plenty of time to be an adult, and just not enough time to be young and carefree. So sprinkle that fairy dust, climb out that window, and follow your heart. It will take you where you are meant to go. This strap is for anyone waiting for that shadow to tap on their window and lead them to their next big adventure. This one goes out to all the kids at heart, to the believers in fairy dust, tic tock crocs, mermaids, and especially all the lost boys and girls.

Carson Adams


Every Strap made is a limited edition work of art for your wrists. Straps are reversible with a work of art on one side and a positive message on the inside. Every Strap is individually laser cut with a serial number to ensure authenticity. 

In each order, you'll receive 1 Strap. Straps fit wrists between 5.25" and 7.25" the best, but can be worn on smaller or larger wrists. If your Strap is a bit tight, don't be afraid to give it a good stretch!

Every Strap is limited edition, so once it's sold out, it's gone for good!

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