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Live in the Moment Imperial

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When was the last time you remained fully present without thinking about the past or worrying about the future? This design is inspired by my dream of seeing the Aurora Borealis in Iceland and the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. Just like the main character in the movie, I used to work on a boring day job, following a monotonous daily routine of eat, sleep, work, until I went on my first backpacking trip abroad four years ago. My perspective and goals in life have drastically changed ever since, and I’ve never felt more alive. I learned to take risks, step out of my comfort zone, and stay in a moment while it happens. I want this strap to inspire others to be present and enjoy life to the fullest. Take a step outside, experience things, and live in the moment!

This Imperial ZOX comes in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. To properly choose your size, please click here and follow the instructions.

Your New Favorite Wristband, now more than ever.

There are so many awesome things that Imperials bring to the table, the most requested of which is different sizes! Since Imperials don't stretch, they'll all come in Small, Medium and Large. The best thing about them is that even if they fit a bit too loose, the clasps are easy to remove so you can trim it down for the perfect fit if needed. 

All Imperials come printed on both sides - Artwork on the front & a positive message on the back. They're then laser cut with a serial number and finished off with our premium magnetic aglets to ensure it won't fall off during everyday wear. Since we believe the experience is everything, each Imperial is packed in a beautiful, hand made collector's case that's unique to the band it holds.