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Imperial Backpack

Imperial Backpack



This project started off as a duffle bag over a year ago and slowly transformed into the backpack you see now. After listening to hundreds of suggestions we went back to the drawing board and created something incredibly special – a backpack that grows with you.

When we first decided we wanted to make a bag one thing was abundantly clear – we don't want to make anything just for the sake of making it. It has to mean something… It has to be uniquely ZOX.

The Imperial designation of both this Backpack and our Hoodie is because it's using our magnetic Imperial clasp system. This allows you easily interchange the drawstrings of your ZOX Hoodie and your ZOX Backpack as often as you'd like; they'll fit perfectly between both pieces without any modification. The Backpack even comes with a hidden String tension system that allows you to make sure the Strings look great at all times. Yep, I probably did over-engineer things a little but I'm all about the details. 🙂

You'll be asked to select your free Strings on the cart page! 


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