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Fresh 2

It’s that NEW new. About It’s funny, I feel like every single release we do is more exciting than the one before it. This one is especially exciting for me because it symbolizes a whole new way in which we look at design. Don’t get me wrong, every piece we’ve done before this has been amazing, but I want to continually push what we’re doing to a whole new level. As I sit here writing this, we’ve just put the final touches on 20 upcoming designs, 3 t-shirts, and 2 completely unique products we’re starting to test out. Fresh is good; it’s that next level you hit once you take a step back and look at the big picture. It’s vibrant, full of life and new experiences. My hope is that when you wear this Strap, you remember to start every single day fresh, ready to take on anything life throws at you without worrying about the day before. Outside Design Aqua blue with black interlocking circles. Inside Design Black with aqua blue ‘FRESH.’ typography. Rarity 1/1,000 Artist Jason Kuipers