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Freaks & Geeks.

Yuo, it's legit. About Lil Bro Jordan started designing this Strap about 3 months ago. The first time he showed it to me I started laughing because it seems like every idea he comes up with has some sort of triangles in it. This one, however, was too good not to use. I love this Strap because it represents something I think a lot of people realize once they graduate high school. The kids who are looked at as ‘different’ in school often end up becoming the ones that do the coolest things later in life. Chances are you probably work for one of them right now! Outside Design Neon blue with pink and black triangles. There are little white dots that go down the center of the black triangles for a little ‘legitness’ as Jordan calls it. Inside Design Neon blue with pink ‘Freaks & Geeks.’ typography; white vertical ZOXSTRAPS, the ‘Collection’ logo in pink and ‘No. 11′ under it all in white. Rarity 7/10 Artist Jordan Kuipers Tag #ZoxFreaksandGeeks on Instagram to show off your Strap below! [instapress tag="zoxfreaksandgeeks" piccount="0" size="100" effect="0"]