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Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart



Follow your heart hits close to home with me, and I'd hope that it does with at least a few others as well. For the short time I've been working, I noticed quite a difference in my life both in and out of a job depending on where I was working. When I worked at a place I didn't really love, I found the days to go by quite slowly and I wasn't really happy with where I was in life. Now, I'm working someplace I truly enjoy, and the days seem to be a lot brighter and I'm finding myself a lot more fulfilled than before. even though I was working at a place that paid nearly twice as much as I'm currently making, my life seemed a lot sadder. so I hope this strap serves a gentle reminder that listening to your heart can reap the highest rewards. -Sydney Worth Bespoke Straps typically ship 7-8 weeks after pre-orders close. Artist Sydney Worth

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