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-Every Order Provides A Year Of Clean Water
- New Essential designs each month
- Comes with a 12x9 Reversible Print along with your choice of 2 Standard, or One Standard & One Mini Strap
- Individually Numbered
- Renewed on the 15th of each month

- Cancel, pause, or skip a month any time
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You Are Loved.

When designing Essentials, I usually have a person in mind that I'd like to give it to. For this one, it was my son Sven. 

When you've got young children who are just learning how to put sentences together, you start to become aware of how often you use the word love. Saying "I LOVE PIZZA!" but then telling your 2 year old you love them too is a bit hard for them to understand - are they only as important to you as your pizza? 

As funny as it sounds, it wasn't until this actually happened to me that I realized how important it was to tell others we love them. On a daily basis, I'll ask Sven "Did you know daddy loves you?" His response of "yeah I know" stayed the same until just a few days ago. We were driving home and his response was a bit different: "What does that mean? What is love?" 

I explained to him that love means you care about someone very very much - they're on your mind in your heart. 

I looked in the rearview mirror as I was telling him this. His response was one I'll never forget. 

"I love you dad." 

Now this isn't the first time he's said that to me, but it was the first time he said it knowing what it really meant. My heart was officially melting. 

That's what this Essential is all about: It's helping to define what love is before reminding someone how much you care. For some of you, it's a conversation you've never had - that's a serious gift for someone who really needs to hear it. 

For me, I've realized that it only was only after I defined what love is that it helped show Sven just how important he was to me. My hope for this Essential is that it'll bring about similar magic moments for you guys as well. 



What is the Essential Club? 
The Essentials Club is a monthly subscription. For just $18/mo, you'll receive a new pack every month. Inside, you'll find an ultra high-quality, reversible 9x12" print and two Straps - one to wear and one to share. 
As a special bonus, we've included 1,000 kids size Straps in our Essentials. If you select the Awesome Parent Essential, you'll receive one adult size Strap and one kids size. Awesome Friend Essential will get you two adult size. 

Essential designs are limited to just 10,000 Straps and 10,000 prints. If you'd rather not join the Club, you can still grab individual items while they last. 

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