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Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AID’s Foundation

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A Time for Heroes About This year we teamed up with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AID's Foundation to make Straps for their "A Time for Heroes" event. We wanted to go above and beyond for this amazing cause. We created 5 beautiful Straps that fit in with the core message of the event. Hero, Hero*, Hope, Passion, and Courage. Hero was given to each person in attendance as an access wristband as well as a memento for their experience. Hero* was given to the volunteers, sponsors and celebrities that helped make the event possible. Hope, Courage, and Passion were exclusive Straps that were earned by participating in the different activities around the event. An estimated 700 people attended the event and over $700,000 was raised for Pediatric AID's research. To donate to this amazing cause please click . Rarity 9/10 Artist Brandon & Jason Kuipers