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Rarity Level: Essentials 

This strap will have approximately 30 possibly variations with different dogs on each. Please keep this in mind while purchasing. We cannot guarantee any specific dogs will be received as it is totally random.

Stitching Details: 
0001 - 0100: Gold
0101+: Silver

Product Details:
-Laser engraved serial number on the tag
-PANTONE® printed ultra-premium elastic 
-Unique reversible design 
-Number-matching Collector's card
-Individually packed within a protective, resealable sleeve
-Fits wrists between 5.25" and 7.25"
-Click here for care instructions

People Details:
-Handmade with love
-Happiness Guaranteed
-Every order provides a year of clean water to someone in need.


Rather than share a story about what makes this Strap special, I decided to be a bit vulnerable here and share something nobody has ever seen before. This is a letter I wrote to my dog Kirby a few days after he passed away in 2015, shortly before my first son Sven was born. To be honest, I haven't been able to read it all the way through without crying even now, nearly 3 years later. If you've ever lost a pet, you know the absolute heartache this brings. 

This Strap is a collection of 175 different dogs submitted to us by the ZOX community. A portion of the proceeds from this Strap are going to support no-kill shelters locally. We're also sending our on-staff photographer to state-run shelters to provide better headshots in order to help the dogs there get adopted faster. 

My hope for you, with this Strap, is that it reminds you to love on your little furry friends. Every day with them is truly a blessing. 

Here's my letter. 

Dear Kirby, 

I've been trying to write you a letter for the past week but every time I start I just break down in tears. I'm sorry it's taken so long but this is the hardest letter I've ever had to write.

Do you remember when we first saw each other almost 12 years ago? You and your brother were in the garage when I saw you for the first time. He was barking at me while I looked for you, finding you shaking uncontrollably as you hid in the corner. I'll never forget the first time you looked up at me with those big brown eyes, you made my heart melt. I picked you up and hugged you close as I calmed you down and said "I choose you."

On the drive home you shook as you sat on my lap, unsure of what was to come. I continued to hold you tight as I reassured you everything would be ok. 
The first few days were the hardest, do you remember them? I made you the coziest little space in your kennel and you hid in there all day long, only poking your head out to see if I was still near you. Of course I was; I couldn't wait to pet you again and tell you how much I loved you.

When you finally decided to sleep near me you surprised me by digging under the covers and burrowing in between my legs. I thought it was the funniest thing ever but you were right at home and as long as you were comfortable, I was happy. 
Potty training was tough, remember the pee pads? You weren't a fan, so we quickly moved on to the outdoors. At first I was nervous you'd run away but all you wanted to do when we were outside is stand next to me, confident that I'd be there to protect you. 

Remember when we made the decision to move to Los Angeles in my Honda Accord? Your kennel took up so much room in my trunk I had to pack individual pairs of socks around it just so I could have clean clothes when I got here.
Remember our first apartment in Koreatown? That was the first time I ever saw you howl as you waited for me. You were sitting on the edge of my bed as you waited for me to get out of the shower, singing the saddest little tune like you had lost your best friend. I never told you I saw you doing that but I wanted you to know that knowing you missed me, even for a moment, almost brought me to tears back then. 

I love how happy you were, even when we had nothing. I really appreciate you putting up with the long hours I put in at work trying to give us a better life. Coming home to you every day put the biggest smile on my face; I couldn't wait to see you and hang out. 

Remember moving to Marina Del Rey (the first time) and getting a beach cruiser to ride along the boardwalk in Venice? I wrapped you in a little towel then put you in my basket; the first ride I could not stop laughing. You were a hit with everyone that passed by, 'awwww' became the soundtrack to our rides very quickly. 

When we decided to move out to Arizona for work you handled things like a champ. Even after I lost everything I owned you stayed right next to me, my little candle of encouragement. You loved me when I had nothing as much as when I felt like I was on top of the world, something most people can't even say. You were the one that showed me that the size of your heart matters more than the size of you bank account and I'll never forget that. 

When we moved back to Los Angeles it felt like home, didn't it? It was so nice to be by the beach again, it felt so relaxing. Making friends was tough until they saw you; you never had a problem with saying hello. 

Remember the night you met mom for the first time? She had just come over for a first date with dad and you wanted to just sit on the couch and give her kisses all night. When we put together her birthday present you sat on the counter as I cut the flowers to make sure they fit in the vase correctly. She was so impressed! 

When we moved up to Malibu I felt like I was finally able to pay you back for all the support you'd given me over the years. A big yard to run around in, couches near the window so you could sunbathe and a quiet neighborhood to call your own. I was so happy to finally give you something you deserved after all those years of putting up with my failures; you were my son and I wanted nothing but the best for you.

As I sit here writing it's been a week since I've seen you're smiling little face and my heart breaks every time I think about it. You've been an unconditional best friend to me for almost 12 years and words can't express how much that means to me. 

I love you buddy. I promise I'll continue to make you proud. 




Release Date: 9.26.19

Your new favorite wristband®

Every Strap made is a limited edition work of art for your wrists. Straps are reversible with a design on one side and a positive message on the inside. Every Strap is individually laser cut with a serial number to ensure authenticity. 

All designs are limited edition, so once it's sold out,
it's gone for good!

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