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He Won't Bite. About I was always fascinated by what was hidden in the dark. Deep caves, old mine shafts, abandoned basements/houses, underwater, etc. Having that want to explore the scary and investigate the unseen just to toy with my own fears. It’s like thrill-seekers looking for that next adrenaline rush, only I enjoy finding new ways to make myself afraid. As simply put on the card of ‘Creep’, “What ever frightens you, will no doubt interest me.” My ‘Little Monsters’ series is based off of the fearless curiosity and vivid imagination of being a kid. Along with the innocence of being a child having a hunger for understanding more of the world that surrounds. Even when some of the corners you look in are meant to be left in the dark. So take chance. Find something you weren’t even looking for. My Grandpa would always say, “Lou, look where you are going, not where you’ve been.” He always meant it as a joke, but I think it’s a great reminder to just keep going. Even when the past tries to hold you back and slow you down. So creep around. Conquer the impossible. Explore the woods. And watch out for the wicked. -Alyssa Rose Dupuis (Howling Mad Dupuis) Outside Design A portion of the middle part of Alyssa's 'He Won't Bite' Painting. Inside Design A portion from the bottom of the sky of Alyssa's 'He Won't Bite' Painting with green 'Creep' typography outlined in white. Rarity 1/300 Artist Alyssa Dupuis