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Collect Moments

-1 Reversible Wristband
-Made From Buttery Soft Elastic
-Fits Wrists Between 5.75" and 7.25"
-Individually Numbered
-1 of 2000 Made

Where to start… Initially, this designing process was very slow and took me quite some time to start piecing any of my ideas together. There were many times where I hopelessly stared at my computer screen with little to no direction. After an extended period of time, a rough draft was created. With this rough draft, I had regained hope and began to lay down the building blocks to a successful design. Even though, I THOUGHT, everything I could possibly need was in arms reach, I was still missing one thing. Unfortunately, at that moment in time, that thing was the “spark” of inspiration. That lack of inspiration ultimately led me to: failure to complete the design the first time around. ONE YEAR LATER: Going through my computer, enjoying old pictures and previous Photoshop creations; Then BAM!!! I ran into this gem. I slapped it into Photoshop immediately. (Side note: Originally this design was colored very differently, a lot of green, brown and a little blue here and there.) Taking full advantage of the “Replace color” adjustment in Photoshop and overly saturating the image I finally was on the right track. I quickly fell in love with the multiple shades of blue and green that rolled over the mountains, the pinks that painted the earth and the yellows that added depth to the image ever so perfectly! Remember “Collect Moment” not things.

Devin Rosewall


Every Strap made is a limited edition work of art for your wrists. Straps are reversible with a work of art on one side and a positive message on the inside. Every Strap is individually laser cut with a serial number to ensure authenticity. 

In each order, you'll receive 1 Strap. Straps fit wrists between 5.25" and 7.25" the best, but can be worn on smaller or larger wrists. If your Strap is a bit tight, don't be afraid to give it a good stretch!

Every Strap is limited edition, so once it's sold out, it's gone for good!

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