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Balance Beam. About Everything in life is a balance, where you take from one, you give to another. In my opinion, happiness comes from the balance you have. If you spend all day working every single day, you probably aren't going to live a happy life. The same goes for a living without contributing to the world. One of my favorite new sayings is, 'A selfish life is a wasted life.' The thing is though, life isn't a seesaw, it's more like the wheels on a bike. Jason actually told me a story about my grandpa the other day that fits in perfectly with this. When Jason was young, my grandpa had a bike repair shop. As a joke, he decided to make a bike with lopsided wheels and called it Humpty. He cut spokes at different lengths and shaped the wheel as a slight oval so when you rode the bike, you'd bounce up and down. While it was fun for riding down the driveway, trying to ride to the local ice cream shop would have been a different story. We're all unique and have different wants and needs that play into our happiness. If we spend too much time on work and not enough on friends and family, your wheel of life is going to be out of balance. The closer in length your spokes are, the more smooth your ride will be. I hope this Strap serves as a good reminder to you to seek balance in your life and to enjoy your ride through life. Outside Design Overlying squares of cyan, magenta, and yellow over a white background that overlap to create green, red, purple, pink, orange, and purple squares. Inside Design White and cyan inside with 'Balance' typography in magenta with a dark blue shadow. Rarity 1/1,000 Artist Brandon Kuipers