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Space: the final frontier. About For thousands of years humans have looked to the stars and dreamt about what lied beyond. It's always fascinated us how something can seem so close and yet still be so far away. Over the past century mankind has made great leaps forward in our reach to the heavens. In 1990 NASA launched the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit around earth. Since then, Hubble has recorded some of the most detailed visible-light images ever, which we then turned into some of the most epic Straps ever. The ZOXBOX2 contains some of our all time favorite designs. As you can probably tell, us bros have a love for space and nebula designs. As our second run of nebula designs we're running out, I knew it was time to head back over to NASA and put together our next set of designs. What came of it was absolutely stunning, whether you pick up Antennae or any of the other Nebula designs we've made, you won't be disappointed. Outside Design A picture of the Antennae Nebula taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Inside Design Black with "Antennae" typography cutout from the design on the front. Rarity 1/1,000 Artist Brandon Kuipers