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4 Seasons Pack

From Beijing to Your Wrists. About While we were out there visiting for my 30th birthday a few months ago, we started walking through a hutong (basically an alley with small shops on both sides) looking at all the little stores. In this part of Beijing we were very far away from the typical tourist path, so it was cool to be able to see what 'real' Beijing looked like. As we were walking, we came across a tiny little shop with beautiful artwork out front. The man who owned the shop (Mr. Zhou) knew how to say "please, come in!" in english so of course we had to take him up on it. We then met his wife, who spoke a little bit of english as well. She began to show us all the artwork he had done, pulling out a stack of little slips of paper that were shaped like an oversized Zox. Kara, Brandon and I all said the same thing; these would look unreal on our Straps! When we asked him and his wife if they'd be interested in having us turn some of their art into Zox; they were beyond excited! What was even cooler to me is when we told them how much we'd pay them for the rights to print them our bands. You could tell they were both so incredibly grateful it just made my heart swell; It was one the kind of moment that just makes me incredibly proud to be a part of Zox. So after a few hours of looking at hundreds of little paintings, we settled on these 4. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. I was told it's good luck to keep them all together so we're doing a pack of all 4 for just $30. Outside Design Brush paintings of landscapes and traditional Chinese architecture featuring the colors associated with each season. Inside Design Winter - Tan with a brown Chinese Scallop pattern and black character for Winter. Spring - Teal with a dark teal Chinese Scallop pattern and pink character for Spring. Summer - Blue with a navy Chinese Scallop pattern and tan character for Summer. Autumn - Yellow with a light yellow Chinese Scallop pattern and maroon character for Autumn. Rarity 1/400 Artist Mr. Zhoa