Reward Information

Curious about ZOX rewards? 
I'd be happy to explain it a bit for you!

ZOX Points
You will receive points for each order that you make while logged into your account. If you didn't create an account, don't worry, you can make one here with your email you used to purchase and the points will be added in for you. The amount of points you receive will be based off of your tier. 
ZOXER - 5 points per dollar
VIP - 10 points per dollar
VIP+ & Subscriber - 15 points per dollar

How To Earn Points:
Besides making purchases, there are a few other ways to earn extra points. You can find them by logging in, going to this link, and at the bottom of the page you'll see the section on how to 'Earn Points'.

ZOX Tiers
ZOXER - Unlocked when you create an account.
VIP - Unlocked when you have earned 1,000 total points.
VIP+ - Unlocked when you have earned 10,000 points over the lifetime of your account.
Subscriber - Unlocked when you join one of our subscriptions.
This tier also gives you access to the Secret Stash(exclusive straps) plus early releases.

Tier Discounts
VIP, VIP+, and Subscribers receive Preferred Pricing, here's the breakdown on that:
$1 off Straps and Singles
$2 off Straps and Singles when you buy 4+
$3 off Straps and Singles when you buy 8+
$12 Imperials when you buy 3+

What to do with your points:
Points are a great way to get a discount on your orders. They can even be combined with our preferred pricing. If you click here you will be brought to the same page as before. This time, when you scroll down, click 'Earn Rewards', and there you can redeem your points for discount codes on our site. You are also able to redeem points during checkout with the points slider which allows you to select how many you'd like to use at once.
Both the slider and coupon codes will be used on the cart page when you're entering in your shipping information.

When Rewards Can't Be Used:
Rewards cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts codes. They also cannot be used on subscriptions. Anytime a subscription is in a cart with other items, nothing will be able to be discounted or have preferred pricing due to how the system is setup to process subscriptions.