Referral Information

Curious about referring a friend?
We created a pretty awesome referral system that benefits both you and whomever you share your code with.

Here's the direct link:

The person who is referred will receive $10 off of an order that has an initial value of $30USD or more. 

You as the person who sent the referral will receive a code for a free strap that is exclusively available through the referral program.

For the code to be sent, you must follow all the rules and had your code/link used in the order. The referrals don't work on subscriptions and will not work if the value is not above $30 before the code is applied.

Cannot have the same or similar email address.
Cannot have the same IP address.
Cannot have the same browser cookie data.
Cannot have the same name.
Cannot have been previously rejected due to above reasons.

The reason we have rules is due to too many people creating multiple emails and sending themselves referral links. This does unfortunately mean you cannot refer someone on your same wifi network or a family member that lives at your address.