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UK String Club

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This String Club is for UK customers and will ship Duties Paid. 

Our Monthly String Club is here. With this subscription, we'll send you two brand new Strings on the 4th day of every month. Strings will ship out 1 month before release on our site, so you'll not only get $5 off but early access to the newest Strings. 

To make this subscription even better, you'll be granted access to the ZOX Secret Stash as long as you're a member. That means early access to new releases, exclusive Straps, Strings, Shirts, and Imperials, 15 points for every $1 spent, and 200 bonus reward points on referrals. 

When you purchase this subscription, you will be billed immediately and your shipment will be sent on the next 4th day of the month at no added cost. From your 2nd month and on, your subscription will be billed on the 4th day of each month and ship on the first business day your payment has been received. 

This Months shipment contains our Seize the Day and Float Away Strings.


Strings are the newest creation here at ZOX, and a vital part of what makes this hoodie so special. Every month we'll be releasing stunning new String designs that follow the design path of our original Straps. Our String Swap™ system allows you to easily clip a new String to the one currently in your hoodie so you can change them out as often as you'd like. The magnetic metal tips add an elegant touch of beauty and really bring the entire look together.