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Carry On String

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This beauty was inspired by one of my favorite things in life, water. Growing up, my brothers and I always spent our summers in or near Lake Michigan. Since moving to California, we've always stayed as close to the ocean as we can get. Water is an amazing substance, it's the giver of life. Without it, none of us would exist.

The name 'Carry On' fits perfectly with this design because of waters resilience and determination. If you've ever been to the Grand Cayon before, you'll know exactly what I mean. Through thousands of years of work, water has carved out one of the most magnificent sights I've been fortunate enough to lay my eyes upon. Water isn't in a hurry, but it knows where it's heading and will carry on through any obstacle that faces it. We made this Strap as a reminder that time, patience, and determination can grind any mountain you face to dust, you just need to Carry On.


Brandon Kuipers

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