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Make Your Move Imperial

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Designed In:
Czech Republic

-Comes in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. To properly choose your size, please click here and follow the instructions.
-Small fits wrists between 150-170mm
-Medium fits wrists between 165mm-190mm
-Large fits wrists between 190mm-205mm
*The sizing chart is the most accurate way to size your ZOX. Most people overestimate their wrist size. Tips can be easily removed with a small screwdriver and the String trimmed shorter, so if you're worried, please order up a size. 

Product Details:
-Laser engraved serial number on the inside
-PANTONE® printed ultra-premium polyester String
-Unique reversible design 
-Number-matching Magnetic Collector's Box
-Patent-Pending Zinc Alloy Aglets with neodymium magnets
-Click here for care instructions

People Details:
-Handmade with love
-Happiness Guaranteed
-Every product sold provides a year of clean water

There is nothing more beautiful than fire. The flickering, warm light, which can hurt but also calm you down, when feeling low. The creation from fire - burning flow of steady lava is something different. Reminding you there is always something coming and you have to be ready. You can't just stand at one place and wait for the worst. So never close your eyes, be strong and make your move.

Sandra Hajdová


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