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Brian Mitnick

brian mitnick

March 20, 2022

Meet Brian Mitnick! 

Where are you from?

I am originally from The Dallas area in Texas, but currently live in Hampton Roads, Virginia

How long have you been a ZOX VIP?

I have been a member of ZOX VIP since January of 2021.

What does your ZOX collection look like?

I currently have about 185 straps and singles, including one gold bar and one Blackstar, 1 pearl, 3 charms, two hoodies (a black V3 100X hoodie and the Blue X hoodie), and 14 strings.

Which ZOX started your collection, and what is your most recent piece?

My very first purchase was a mystery three pack, which I split between my oldest 3 children’s Christmas stockings. The first I bought for myself was begin again (2021) as well as beginning the monthly MP subscription. The most recent pieces that I have received were headstrong (OG), better days ahead, and unforgettable in my monthly MP. I am awaiting my order from this week and also a trade of Unspoken as a gift to the sign language interpreter at the school I work in.

What’s your favorite ZOX, and why?

Choosing my favorite ZOX feels kind of like trying to choose my favorite child. I think the one that I wear most often right now is Culture of Love. I really feel like the world has been struggling so much in the last few years. (Though honestly, we have always been struggling, haven’t we?) So many of us feel isolated, alone, unworthy, and unloved. I like wearing this as a reminder that every day I wake up, I will have an opportunity to make someone feel valued and loved. It might be the smallest act, but letting someone else know you care can have a ripple effect that goes far beyond what we can see.

If you could design your own collection, what would it be?

Wow. That is a tough question. I don’t know that I would ever be able to design the art for my own collection, but I think it would be cool to have a collection that really geared towards children and adolescents and focused on body positivity, self-esteem, resilience, acceptance, and connectedness. I did my first internship for my Master’s degree in School Counseling at a middle school, and I saw how much hurt there was for so many students. While there are so many straps already that would fit those themes, I think it would be powerful to have something made “just for them.”

What do you love about VIP?

I always tell people VIP is the most positive place on the internet. I think what I love most is how much people uplift and encourage one another. It gives us a place to get to know one another, to share in our joys and support each other in our sorrows. We connect over our love of ZOX, but we end up getting to learn so much more. I love that we can meet people from all over the world and we immediately have something in common. Mostly, I love the friends I have made.

What do you love about ZOX?

There is so much to love! As a company, I love what ZOX stands for. With each strap that goes out, one more spark of kindness starts circulating in the world. As for the products, they are high quality and incredible reminders that I can carry with me each day. From a service standpoint, the ZOX customer happiness team provides literally the best service I have ever encountered. As my kids would say, “no cap.” One of my favorite things about ZOX day to day was how it opened doors for conversations with my students. During my internship last semester, I worked with 7th graders. Each day at lunch, there were two things I looked forward to: I would go to each table and tell a dad joke, and my students would ask me about what ZOX I was wearing that day. My ZOX became a conversation starter for them. We might talk together, or they might talk amongst themselves, but my students always wanted to know what it was and the story behind it. I graduate in May of this year and have accepted a contract as a full time middle school counselor. My goal is to have a different strap for each day of the year so that we can have something new to talk about each day.

Robin Williams once said, “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” This is what I see ZOX doing every day. Whether it is through spreading kindness to one another and the community, the commitment to clean water, the various charity straps, or just connecting with the ZOX VIP group as if we were old friends. I have never experienced a company that displays so much love in all that they do. Every time I see a live with Landri, Dainen, or the Bros, I think to myself, “those are the kind of people that I would love to hang out with for an afternoon just to be in their company and share in their positivity.” I think my biggest ZOX wish is to be able to actually meet some of the team in person one day just to say “thank you” for the experience and community that they have cultivated.

Which ZOX are you planning on acquiring next?

Well, I have several on the way that I just ordered, but I am hoping to continue to grow my Sweyda collection. The other one that I am hoping to acquire soon is “Language of Love.” Right now, my ISO list is pretty long, but I would say my top 3 that I hope to acquire someday soon are : Broken Crayons Still Color, Keeper, and Healed.


I know that this is not one of the questions, but if I could add one thing: Each day is an opportunity to shine a light in a dark world. Challenge yourself to make at least one person smile or laugh each day. That small spark of joy will quickly turn into a consuming fire, which will light the way for so many. I am so grateful for the VIP community, and the team at ZOX HQ, Much love, and ZOX on!

** Disclaimer: All photos and stories are property of the VIP. Their featured collection in this blog does not mean that what is shown is for sale by the VIP.