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September 04, 2018 8 min read 0 Comments

You Are Enough

I'm currently 27 of age. I came across Zox by accident decided to browse around and see what it was about. Saw the strap "You are enough" I bought it on the spot along a few others. I'm always questioning my actions and wondering if I'm doing enough or am enough to handle this life. The reason behind that when I was growing up I was always belittled and told that I was worthless who would never amount to anything from my dad while my mom stayed in the background and did nothing to stop or to reassure me I mean something. He also abused me when he had to much to drink. It caused damages that'd never be fully healed I thought but has never stopped from helping out a soul when they've been broken. For I know those feeling oh to well so I did what I could and some more to ensure they mattered and are enough even though I was going through that battle. Thru time I helped them pick up the pieces and helped them create a better life while we put the pieces back together. While reassured them they'll be enough for me no matter what happens which made them heal faster all while my piece still laid on the floor. It's not they're fault when you've learned to put a mask on to hide your pain which was able to fool majority of people. Few were able to see past it but did nothing to help. Its okay though I know my worth and know I'm doing my best. In 2011 lost my dad to melanoma which is a type of skin cancer. I promised him I'll take care of my younger brother and three sisters. He pulled me off to the side and told me he was wrong about me and I was more than enough. Before he passed. Hearing those word made the pain and self doubt go away. Eight months down the road my older sister took her life which left the family crushed. Mother turned to drugs to mask the pain and nothing I did was helping her. After the endless battles of trying to help her, I had to let her go and let her walk own path which made me question my worth and why wasn't enough. Now as the oldest sibling and no one to turn to I made moves and sacrifices in my life to have my brother age 11 and sister age 15 come live with me to ensure their well being. The third oldest wanted to do her own thing seeing she was 19 at the time but knew she could come to me when life got rough and she did most the time. Caring for the youngest ones need over the past seven years made wonder if I was enough and capable of doing such a task seeing I wasn't enough to help our mom or sister out of their problems. Meet this girl in 2015 who broke thru the mask and helped me rebuild myself over a year time. Formed a strong feeling for her but was turned down because I had a lot on my plate and was barely keeping the thing afloat. Now I was back to questioning if i was or will be enough to handle this life but never let it bring me down seeing we're best friends. So I had to do something right. I kept going through life and the battles that came my way. I tried my best to keep my head held high sometimes it wasn't able to keep it held. I paused during those moment and thought about the promise that I made to my dad which gave me the strength make it thru those days and battles. Once I received the strap "You are enough" in the mail its hasn't came off my wrist that often. When it does come off, it goes into my pocket. When I'm doubting my abilities just reading "you are enough" makes the negativity thoughts go away and this calming sensation take over allowing me to believe in myself once again. As it reminds me of the time my dad telling me "I was more than enough." I wasn't expecting this strap to have such an enormous positive impacted. I can't express how a single strap changed my life for the better and helping with the healing process. I'm glad that I stumbled across Zox and will always be looking for new straps to add to my collection. The "you are enough" is always going be on me because it holds a special place in my heart.





As I was thinking about my younger brother who loved fishing. Every weekend he had his son, my nephew we would go fishing. Even when he went fishing alone for quite a time he would send me pictures of fish he caught. My brother was 2 years younger than I, and died alone unexpectedly on August 7, 2017. We were so very close. I was asking the VIP community if there was a Fishing strap. And the next day one dropped. I was getting tagged left and right by this new AWESOME ZOX FAMILY. They knew I needed this. Wearing this Strap is a reminder of special moments with my brother and that I keep something we shared on the pulse of my life literally. By wearing it daily. I miss him every day. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him or still shed a tear.


Be Your Own Hero

A year ago I lost my partner to suicide. I struggled with depression myself while trying to take care of him with his depression and agoraphobia. For years I waited and waited for someone to come along and make things better, to help him, to help me. In the end, no one came. His suicide was his way of becoming free and letting me be free. It has been a hard year. Taking care of someone for almost 10 years of my adolescent life, I had to learn how to do many things. Get a job with no experience, find somewhere to live, figure out who I was and who I wanted to be. It took me a long time to realize that I had to be my own hero. That I had done so much by myself already, that I was the only person I could always count on. Wearing this bracelet every day reminds me that I've conquered so much on my own and that I can continue to conquer anything else that comes my way.


This Is Me


I have a story...I am a survivor of 13 years of domestic violence. I’m a woman who believes that my two daughters deserve to see life as it is...good, like the life I had growing up, with amazing parents that were partners, where us kids were able to explore, investigate and cherish the world and were taught to appreciate the little things and the love we had. Not a life of put-downs, betrayals, lies, and domestic violence...be it sexual, verbal, or physical. I stood by my husband while we lost our home, while he went into rehab and as usual, blamed me for everything bad in his life including his childhood! I, however, was in it until death do us part, but...I was losing myself and who I was, and in the meantime, our daughters were watching this life that was no good and thinking that it was normal. It was not! I looked at my girls more recently and thought “enough!” I grabbed all my courage, whatever I could carry and left and have not looked back. It has been hard, but it can’t rain all the time, the sun shines for me a bit more every day. I am strong, I am a role model and I am now free. So THIS IS ME, a mother and father, a carer, a provider, a shoulder, a bringer of joy and happiness to my girls, and a strong and free woman who loves my life...my good and simple life that is perfect where my daughters smile every day! Thanks for reading my story. Maybe there’s another strong woman out there that needs to grab hold of her courage and make her life good again too.




I hydroplaned into oncoming traffic that put me in a coma on November 2, 2015, in the near-fatal car accident. I had less then a minute before my heart would’ve stopped. My chances of surviving was less then 1%. My doctors suggest to my parents to turn my Ventilator off (Life Support). My parents refused and on November 29, 2015, I emerged from the coma. I didn’t know who I was nor my age while having 7 doctors in my room studying me and my because of my Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). I have a Diffused Axonal Injury (DAI) I wasn’t supposed to survive but I did. Was told about only 1% with my type of TBI, have the ability to walk, talk and eat without medical assistance. The effects of my Brain Injury recovery would sadly be the rest of my life. 2 years since i crashed and I still got a lot of RECOVERYING and relearning to do. I’ve been through hell and back, I learned what surviving was all about and learned what real pain is. Pain was so intense, I’ve come to the thought of suicide but my Medical Marijuana saved my life. I’m a living TBI Survivor, who will be currently recovering for the next 5 years. While having the ability to stand strong, to laugh with my accident and at myself when I stutter. Along with my family and GF. I am happy that I’m alive, earning my bachelors in Criminal Justice then off to the U.S Navy. Until the Navy, as a TBI Survivor. I helping other survivors overcome and accept their disabilities. I love helping! Until I find the reason I’m still alive why I’m still alive? I will always be more then Thankful to be alive and have a 2 chance at life! I got to have this bracelet!
Prove Them Wrong
This Zox means so much to me because it reminds me to keep going. I struggle with mental health and it leaves me weighting more in the negative than the positive. When I hear compliments they are faded out by that one or two negative options of my life. I recently came out as transgender and while the support I've received is overwhelmingly good, there are some really negative options I've come up against. Some of the ones I came against when I bought this strap were really horrible. I'd hear that, I'll never really be a guy, I'm going against God, there's got to be something really messed in my brain to be doing this. These words hurt, especially said by friends. This strap on my arm doesn't solve everything, but it serves as a powerful reminder to be myself even in the face of these haters. It serves to remind me that the better person that I am each day, takes that bit of their power away by proving them wrong.

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