Chevron Rightstories


December 27, 2019
I bought Unlocked one year ago. I saw a post about ZOX on facebook and I thought "Wow, these straps are cool, I really wanna buy one". When I visited the site, as soon as I saw Unlocked I already knew that it was the one for me. No matter what other designs I saw, I just couldn't give up on it. Especially since the story really resonated with me. Every key on the strap was drawn after the ones that belonged to the creator's grandfather and the idea behind it was that every key represents a solution to a problem, meaning that there is no problem which can't be solved. You open a door with a key just like you solve a problem with a solution. I really needed that kind of energy at the moment since I had started to resent the person that I had become and I really needed a change in my life. Exactly after my revelation that I wanted to change, the strap arrived and everything started to fall into place. I managed to change and become a person that I actually liked. I gifted the strap to my ex-boyfriend the night before he left for France and after that his life also took a turn in the right direction. He started concentrating on school, going out less, drinking less and he stopped smoking weed. Now my strap is with him and even though I would like to have it back, I feel like it should be gifted again and again in order to help more people. I really do believe that these straps have some sort of magical power and they come along with a certain energy that the artists put in them when they create them, an energy that finds its way into our lives and influence it in one way or another. It may be my overthinking or wishful thinking, but, for me, every ZOX, whether it is a strap, imperial or else, is magical. So, everyone reading this, I want you to know that magic does exist and it is right here, on this site.