Stronger With Every Struggle

stronger with every struggle

January 31, 2020
Ours is a classic Romeo and Juliet tale, but mercifully with a happy outcome. My love and I connected at an event where both friends and family were celebrating. We were already friends, but progressively becoming closer. After we kissed and realized that feelings were mutual between us; we discussed, we debated, and ultimately decided to just be supportive, lifelong best friends. For the family’s sake. When we saw each other again, though, our love was undeniable. The family found out and became infuriated. We had already vowed to fight for family, but also to fight family for each other. It was a huge inner struggle to choose what took priority. We wanted everything; our friendship, our love, and our family. When we were then turned away and abandoned by family, we decided to turn toward each other and become our own. Soon my love will be going on deployment, and in this time of separation; we will continue to fight and to stay strong for each other, and for the greater good of all. We will be together again someday, and we will emerge victorious. For we are worthy of the heartache and the struggle, and we belong together.