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love remembers

August 17, 2022
I haven't even brought the design yet, but I plan to buy one for me, my Dad, and my sister. I'm going to spend all my pocket on them and charms and keychains. I feel like it will help me get out of bed in the morning and through the day. I also want to do something nice for my family because we're going through a lot right now. My Mum recently died from Alzheimer's disease, and my story is very similar to Sophia's on the website. My Mum got it when I was young, and I can barely remember what it was like before she got sick. My sister is 8 years older than me so she got a lot more time with her and healthy her than I did. My sister grew up with a Mum and I'm not going to. I had to learn to take care of myself very quickly because everyone was taking care of Mum. I connected with that story so much and have cried about it several times in the last hour. It felt like there was no one else out there in the same situation as me. But it also hurts to know someone so young as me had to go through this well. Thank you to those who designed this and the thought that went into this is amazing.